TWISP, Wash. -- It’s been nine months since a family says they paid a company $1,500 for a headstone that has never been created. They say special holidays and birthdays have passed with their loved one’s graveside empty.

Della Cannon wrote the following Help Me Hayley request,

“Hi Haley

My name is Della Cannon, my mother passed away in October. On November 11th, my Dad and I went to M & E Memorial Markers ... and ordered 2 headstones, one for my Mom and one for my brother who needed one. We talked to (the) Office Administrator. We picked out the stones, artwork etc. My invoice # is 7700. I paid $1500.00 down with a remainder of around 250.00. I was told that it may not be till spring that they would set the stones. I waited for a call from them and I have heard nothing. Not a word. The secretary for Beaver Creek Cemetery in Twisp told me I should switch companies. I can't because they are almost paid for. Mother's Day has gone by, then Memorial Day and now her birthday and no headstone. What I don't understand is, they won't even return my calls. I have called (their listed numbers.) I have even emailed (their email address.) I have left so many messages, I don't want to hire a lawyer but I may have to. Their answering machine says they are working from home, so if I go to their business in Wenatchee I may not find anyone. I live in Twisp and I work full time at an essential business. (Grocery store), if I need to go to Wenatchee I will gladly go. How do I get them to return my calls?”

Della turned to Hayley when her frustration reached a breaking point.

She says the grief of losing a loved one always comes in waves. She longs to be able to visit a special place when those dark moments consume her, and is adamant she did everything on her end to make that happen.

 “My mother passed away in October,” she said.

 Paperwork shows the family paid $1,500 for a headstone for both Della’s mother and late brother. That was back in early November.

 “The total was like $1,700, I paid them $1,500 of it,” she said. “I paid for it because I trusted them.

 She was sent renderings of what it would all look like. She says she knew the process would take a few months.

 “Winter came and went, snow left at the cemetery,” she said. “I called and didn't get any answer. Then, I called them just before Mother's day, then around Memorial weekend and nothing. I've been calling them and calling them. Then, her birthday was in June.”

 And now, here we are nearing the end of July. Her family’s resting place so heartbreakingly bare.

 "It’s horrible,” she said. “I wonder how many other people have headstones and aren't getting them?”

Della came to Hayley desperate for someone to simply listen and help her. Hayley immediately began working the phones and quickly reached an employee. He told Hayley after looking into the matter that there was an error on Della’s order submission. The employee who helped Della is no longer with them, but current say taking care of Della is a top priority. They also say because of her troubles, they will take care of the remaining balance due.