After this story initially aired Monday evening, KHQ has received numerous emails from viewers who also allege they have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get refunds from the Spokane Shock. Spokane Shock owner Sam Adams told KHQ to pass along his email address to anyone having an issue with refunds, and he'd personally attend to it. So far those featured in our previous coverage, several who have spoken with Adams, say they have not yet gotten back their money. KHQ continues to follow up. 


SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Shock are set to play their first game this weekend. It’s a moment that fans have been counting down to for years, but the pandemic has made money tight for ticket holders. Some had to make the hard call to ask for a refund.

KHQ has received multiple emails about those refunds not coming. We took concerns straight to the team’s owner.

“My health issues have gone downhill badly,” said Shock fan Christine ‘Tina’ Rinker. “There was no way I would be able to make the games.”

Fellow fan James Fuller said he too just wanted to sit this year out.

“I could use the money,” Fuller said. “I'm on a fixed income.”

Both Rinker and Fuller provided bank records to KHQ showing the Spokane Shock charges. They both say they have had extreme difficulty getting refunds.

“Every (voice) mailbox I tried was full,” Rinker said.

“I got frustrated,” Fuller said. “I'm not getting answers.”

We took their concerns to owner Sam Adams. He says they have had problems with their phone service and added that a fix should be here soon. He said they are working to help issue refunds to those who want it.

KHQ asked Adams how many people he is still working to refund.

“Ten people,” he said. “I think.”

No matter the number, Adams said he just wants fans to be taken care of.

“We're excited to get them what they need,” he said. “We're sorry for their frustration.”

Some of which he alleges are coming from credit card companies.

“We've had several people who asked for refunds who were charged fees,” Adams said. “We ended up reimbursing. Some have been reimbursed by the card themselves.”

Adams says another complication has been customers changing the card information they have on file.

“I've had people for a year getting refunds,” he said. “Some go smoothly when they don't have any charges, some have had issues, some have changed their credit cards. Some have closed the account… changed the account. We've been working diligently to make sure people get their refunds.”

Adams told KHQ Rinker’s order was canceled and she should already have the funds. She says she’s reviewed her accounts and says no refund has been given.

As for Fuller, despite Adams emailing him back on March 4th when asked about receiving a refund with a ‘yes you will,’ Adams initially told KHQ he couldn’t find any record of Fuller in his system. He later says he was able to locate him and is working to help.