SPOKANE, Wash. -- A group of residents in downtown were worried to see parking tickets on several of their vehicles. They say they pay their apartment complex every month, and management then provides them with monthly placards. They say the placards hadn't come several days into July from the City, and they feared more tickets would be piling up. 

"I haven't had a parking ticket in 100 years," Wes Johnson said.

Wes says the parking situation outside of his downtown apartment has been a breeze since he moved in. 

"Every month, they come like clockwork," he said.

He's talking about the placard he always receives.

"For $25 a month, we get a parking residential pass which is very, very good," he said. "I'm on a fixed income...I can't afford much."

When Covid first hit, passes weren't needed. But weeks in, apartment management was required to once again work with the city to ensure tenants like Wes could park near their homes. The month of June saw no problems.

"That's the last one I got, June," he said.

He still has it hanging from his mirror, not yet swapped out for a new month. Because of that, he was issued a parking ticket. 

"I held my breathe all night worried I was going to wake up to another one," he told our Help Me Hayley. "The manager doesn't seem to be able to get any response from the City."

That's when Wes asked Hayley for help and she quickly was able to get to the bottom of it. 

She learned apartment management did reach out to a city parking official three times, but the lack of response was because the employee they work with was out of the office. City officials tell me they will be requesting that the citations from this blip of trouble be withdrawn. Their July placards should arrive as early as Tuesday. The City is hopeful monthly renewals will be received from the apartment complex a few days eariler than what they have been seeing.