SPOKANE, Wash. – As restrictions are starting to ease, some families are now considering plans for spring break travel. One woman is sharing a ‘nightmare’ experience with a rental car that she hopes will help others avoid the same headache.

Vehicle rentals can quickly exceed the anticipated cost if errors are made. Travel experts advise photographing your rental vehicles as soon as you receive it and during the return. This will make it easier to dispute damage claims that may arise. They also stress sticking to a strict schedule to dodge potential late fees. It’s also important to document everything, including where you are asked to return the vehicle. That’s something viewer Kasey Martin wishes she would have done after a mix-up landed her in collections for several hundred dollars.

“[I want other travelers] to just be more aware,” she said.

The ordeal has been going on since November. Martin was says she was sent to collections for several hundred dollars after the company she rented from couldn’t locate it for several days after she returned it. She claims she dropped it off at the location she was instructed to when she got it.

“I rented a car for three days,” she said. “I got a call five days after I was back from my trip and they said they wanted to know a new drop off date for my car. I was shocked. I said are you kidding me right now?”

Martin says she was being billed for having the vehicle for 11 days, more than a week longer than she did.

“I did nothing wrong,” she said. “I dropped the car off. I even went inside. I should have demanded my check-out receipt.”

A move that would have made the situation easier to resolve. Martin contacted our ‘Help Me Hayley’ who immediately connected with the company. Within a few days, there was a resolution in the following statement:

“Upon investigating this incident, Avis Budget Group discovered there was confusion as to the location where the vehicle was retuned. As a testament of goodwill, Avis Budget Group has refunded the fees and advised the customer directly in order to resolve the issue.”

It’s unknown why it took the company so long after her scheduled return day to reach out about where the vehicle was. Martin says while she still wishes she could get some more concrete answers about what exactly happened, she is relieved to be able to put the stress of it all behind her.

“I've been dealing with this since November,” she said. “I reached out to you and suddenly, they're wiling to drop all the collection charges.”

Martin is sharing her story because she wants to make sure others keep concise records of any instructions or communication about rental vehicle agreements, in addition to all receipts. She also encourages other consumers to read reviews before selecting a company to do business with.

You can do that here: www.BBB.org.