SPOKANE, Wash. -- On Wednesday, KHQ shared with you a heartbreaking Help Me Hayley request from the Ronald McDonald House. They wanted to shower every single family they would be working with on Christmas, with some holiday magic. They still had five families they were hopeful donors would adopt.

Immediately after our story, the RMHC staff say their phones were "ringing off the hook"

"All families are now adopted and we are able to put together additional gift packages for the families on the waiting list," staff told KHQ.

Monetary donations also poured in. Both the RMHC and Hayley say they are beyond grateful for the abundance of love and support following the story.


SPOKANE, Wash. -- Christmas is just days away. The holiday craze has certainly taken over our community. It appears to be on the mind of everyone, accept those dealing with far bigger things in life.

"You don't really realize it's the holidays," said new mother Ester Kvanli. "You're in the hospital all the time. I didn't even know Christmas was coming up until I looked out the window and saw lights."

The days, and now weeks have blurred together since Ester and her husband welcomed a baby boy into this world. Ester was only 26 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to son Wyatt. He was one pound 14 ounces.

"It's weird," she said. "Time stands still, but it goes by fast. We've been here for three months already."

The Martinez family has been here roughly the same amount of time.

"We were thinking it was strep at first," said Sofia Martinez. "We go (to the hospital on) October 3rd. By October 4th, he was diagnosed with Leukemia."

Just like that, with absolutely no warning at all, their worlds flipped upside down. The initial outlook for 12-year-old Gabriel was grim.

"The doctor's didn't think he was going to make it," Sofia said.

Gabriel is doing better now. He is staying strong through aggressive chemo, thanks to his loving mother Sophia.

"To say that it's tough is an understatement," she said. "I'm away from my family. I'm away from my other son. He's 17. He's finishing high school."

Their pain and worrying only made worse since they can't be together as a family. Sofia's older son is staying with his grandmother. Money is extremely tight. She misses her older son every single second, but simply cannot leave Gabriel's side.

She said she so badly wants to provide Christmas for her family but knows on her own, this year she can't do it.

"I'm a single mom," she said. "I do all I can for them. Before this, I was working two jobs just to support my kids. Christmas for us is a big deal. To be now not working at all, because I'm taking care of Gabriel, it's just really stressful."

But that is where you can come in. Right now the Ronald McDonald House is searching for five generous donors who are willing to adopt families like Sofia and Ester's. The RMHC said "Help Me Hayley" to get those five families a Christmas miracle. All but those five families the house is working with have already been taken care of by other donors.

Every single family staying at the house has a wish list that you could make come true. The RMHC can even accept cash donations and have volunteer shoppers make a family's list, their reality.

If you're interested in helping, the house hopes to have all donations in by Friday morning. If you want more information, call RMHC directly at 509.624.0500 and ask for Melissa Luna.

If you are looking for more information on Sofia and her boys specifically, reach out to KHQ's Hayley Guenthner via email.

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