SPOKANE, Wash. - A local family has been dealing with issues with the roof of the home they are renting for weeks now. With things going from bad to worse, they decided to say "Help us, Hayley."

John Murray says it all started out as a seemingly simple repair.

"I saw a real low slope in part of the roof," Murray said. "I called right away."

John says he alerted the rental company who manages the property in October. Since then, things have snowballed.

"I've seen water dripping through here," Murray said, pointing to his walls. "You can see this staining here on the concrete too."

John says he was told a fix was coming. The day after Christmas, the company sent an employee to help, but the family's sense of relief has fallen through.

"(The worker) missteps and goes right through the ceiling," he said. "He barely stepped down (on the roof) and all the sheet rock came down."

A piece of plywood is now all that stands between the elements and their home where the worker fell. For days, they say they've relied on a space heater to keep that part of their home warm.

And this is what they've been dealing with since.

"There's no insulation," Murray said. "I can take and just grab any section. This is mold."

John says with two toddlers and an older daughter to take care of, the situation grows more urgent every day.

"I feel like we're being abused a bit and mistreated," Murray said.

The family felt it was time to call Hayley.

"I think Hayley can do a good job shedding light on a real problem," Murray said. "I signed an agreement with these people. I'm contractually obligated to pay them money in exchange for a safe place to live. This isn't safe."

Hayley reached out to the Post Falls-based property management company for their side of the story.

"I have emailed the tenants to try and see when it would be a good time to schedule for the work to be completed," a rep from KWI Properties wrote to Hayley in an email. "We have a plan in place but have yet to hear a response to (Tuesday's) email. If we do not hear a response back we will be posting a notice to enter giving at least 48 hours’ notice for the work to be complete on Thursday due to our office being closed tomorrow."

Hayley also asked about the delay in getting this taken care of. They say they did try.

"We did do a work order right away, had the roof inspected, had to get roofing estimates which is difficult this time of year to find people who are willing to do the work. Once we had approval, it has been hard to get an agreeable time between the tenants and our contractors to have the work completed. We had a contractor show up today to get the inside work started as he had spoken with the tenant, and they had agreed on a time for today only to be told to leave as they had company."

The Murray family had a different take on that meeting. They say it got heated and turned sour. They requested a different employee to come from this point forward. They are hopeful for a resolution, and soon.

"There is still a lot to figure out," Murray said. "But at least thanks to (Hayley) there is traction in the matter."