Spokane man works to give animals forever homes in time for the holidays

SPOKANE, Wash. -- If you're still looking for that 'purrrr'fect Christmas gift, the generosity of a local man may be just the ticket.

"It's all about the animals," David Marzetta said. "I want to help those animals. They are nature's most innocent. They are relying upon us."

David recently 'sponsored' 10 cats at Spokanimal. That means anyone wishing to adopt those cats could do so free of charge.

"All they want to do is love and be loved," he said. "They are so innocent."

David said he has a soft spot for all animals, especially those looking for their forever homes.

"I've got a cat named Squeak that I rescued as a baby," he said. "It makes me feel wonderful."

And this holiday season, he just wants to give those who are perhaps struggling financially, the gift of unconditional love from a new family member. He said when he started looking into this, he was told something that broke his heart.

"They told me when I called them, that they have to turn away a lot of elderly people," he said. "They have a lot of expenses, medication, so fourth and so on. It's not exactly peanuts to adopt an animal. There are people who need and deserve an animal, and animals that need and deserve those people. I am just the mediator bringing the two together so they both can have long, happy, fulfilled lives."

Six of the 10 cats up for a free adoption are still available as of Thursday. Spokanimal opens up at 11 AM on Friday.

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