Watch stolen from pkg

SPOKANE, Wash. -- The big concern for so many of us right now is being hit by a porch pirate. But one newlywed couple's story may have you wondering what's going on with your orders far before they wind up on your doorstep.

"I ordered a watch directly from Citizen (not a third party) for my husband’s gift," said Taylor Morgan. "I was worried about it getting stolen off of our porch, even with our Ring camera, so I made sure my husband was home to receive it."

Taylor was able to watch as the delivery was made. Immediately, her husband brought it inside.

"I was worried about the watch’s condition as soon as I saw the video, because the delivery driver dropped the package onto the porch," she said. "As soon as I got home from work, I took the package into the other room and as I picked it up, I noticed a rattle. I was afraid the watch was broken from the careless handling."

But when she got it open, she realized the situation was much worse than she thought.

"I went to cut the security seals and noticed the 4 on top had already been cut," she said. "The seal on the front flap had also been cut, but there was clear packaging tape resealing the box, so I cut that. When I opened the outer box, I immediately saw that the white top of the watch box had dirty fingerprints all over it.

Then she discovered the watch she was so excited to give her husband had been stolen.

"I opened the watch box to find nothing but the product registration booklet," she said. "I called my husband into the room and he immediately called UPS while I called Citizen."

Taylor says Citizen told her that the weight of the package they sent (complete with the watch) was 1.00 lbs even. 

"The weight of the package received by UPS according to all of their tracking information was 1.00 lbs even too, meaning that the watch must’ve been stolen between the time it was dropped off and the time it was delivered at our house," she said.

She said she weighed the box just as it was delivered, and the variation in numbers confirmed her fears.

"UPS has opened an investigation," she said. "The watch was insured but I won't be able to (get a new one) until the investigation plays out."

Taylor contacted KHQ's Hayley Guenthner because she wants to warn others to be extra vigilant.

"I don't want this to happen to anyone else," she said. "It's frustrating. I was so excited to surprise my husband. Now that's gone."