SPOKANE, Wash. -- Police continue to investigate after a string of arsons in North Spokane last week. The suspect damaged the property of multiple victims, seemingly at random.

One of those victims is a woman named Carol. She said the passenger seat of her car was set on fire while it was parked directly in front of her home. Carol said because money is so tight, she can only afford liability insurance. Even with the big mess on her hands, she can't help but feel one thing.

"I do feel enormously blessed," she said. "I saw all the other cars and I feel so bad for them. I'm so thankful my engine is fine, the wiring is fine. I just need a cleaning and parts."

Carol owns a 2000 Toyota Camry LE. The fire was quickly put out but left extensive damage. Flames destroyed her passenger seat, center console panel and left behind a stench of thick, heavy smoke.

"With the smell, it's pretty hard to drive in it," she said.