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Notre Dame Cathedral was home to some priceless relics of France and Christianity. Most of those treasure survived the fire that almost destroyed the cathedral.  

Below is a list of what was spared and what was destroyed. 


The Crown of Thorns was recovered when Paris fire chaplain Jean-Marc Fournier accompanied firefighters into the burning cathedral to recover the ancient relic, said Philippe Goujon, mayor of Paris' 15th District.

The artifact was reportedly pressed on to Jesus' head during the crucifixion.

Le Grand Orgue, or "the great organ," is safe. It was built in 1730. Officials say its not burned but its not clear if it was damaged by water. 

The South Rose Window, which is a famous piece of stained glass survived. 

Sixteen copper statues of saints that could have been in harm's way Monday had been removed just days earlier as part of the restoration efforts.


The church's roof, known as The Forest because of its long planks of centuries-old wood, collapsed in the blaze and cannot be rebuilt in its original form, officials said.

The Spire, which came crashing down during the fire cannot be re-built. Also lost in the fire were two statues that were stored in the spire 


True Cross, which is a 9.45-inch of the cross that the church says Jesus was crucified on. 

3.5-inch-long nail used in the crucifixion 

Priceless art including  the 1648 "Saint Thomas Aquinas, Fountain of Wisdom," by Antonie Nicolas, and the 1716 "The Visitation," by Jean Jouvenet. 

It also was not clear whether a famed 14th-century life-size statue of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus survived the blaze.

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