Stuckart and Woodward after General Elections

Courtesy of Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review

SPOKANE, Wash. - After months-long campaigns by both mayoral candidates, the early results of Spokane's General Election came in, shortly followed by a concession speech from Ben Stuckart. 

Stuckart made the announcement after the early election results put him 4.74 percent behind Nadine Woodward.

“Nadine Woodward has won the election to be the mayor of Spokane. It is time to unite behind Mayor-Elect Woodward," Stuckart said. 

Woodward, who received 20,263 votes compared to Stuckart's 18,432, said her opponent ran "a tough campaign."

"Ben did everything he possibly could. But in the end, people wanted a change," she told supporters. 

A total of 84,000 votes have already been counted and another 34,000 remain.