Ben Stuckart Nadine Woodward

SPOKANE, Wash. - With no more votes left to count, we can now see exactly how close Spokane's general election races were this year. 

While the race for Spokane City Council President between Breean Beggs and Cindy Wendle proved to be one of the closest races in years, the race for mayor actually ended with a narrower gap. 

As of Tuesday, November 19, a mere 849 votes, or 1.24 percent, separated Nadine Woodward and Ben Stuckart. While Woodward maintained the lead throughout the counting process, that number is down from the 4.74 percent that separated the candidates when the initial results came in back on November 5.

Stuckart conceded the race to Woodward shortly after the first set of results were released. 

Wendle and Beggs' race has been much more fluid. Wendle started off in the lead, but only by 2.08 percent. But as more votes came in, that gap continued to narrow until Beggs took the lead.

Wendle conceded the race back on November 14.

Current numbers have them separated by 957 votes, or 1.44 percent.

However, these numbers will not be finalized until their certification, which is scheduled for Tuesday, November 26. The races for Spokane mayor and City Council President do fall outside of the requirements needed for a mandatory recount. 

According to Spokane County, a total of 156,803 ballots were cast with a total of 330,406 registered voters. That calculates to a voter turnout of 47.46 percent.