Steven Walk won the Milk Bottle tie-breaker and has been elected to the Fairfield City Council 

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The vote count for Fairfield Council position 3 between Dave Watling and Steven Walk is tied at 78 votes. According to the Spokane County elections office, a milk bottle will decide the winner of the race today at 3pm. See our previous coverage below to learn how the tie breaker will work. 

Milk does a body good. But it could also be good for your political career. At least the bottle could. The election results from November's General Election will be certified Tuesday, and unless things change drastically, a milk bottle could decide the only current tie in Spokane County. 

In the race for Council Position 3, for the town of Fairfield, two people are tied at 48.75% of the votes. Dave Watling and Steven Walk each received 78 votes.  

Spokane County Auditor, Vicky Dalton, says that there will be a hand recount to ensure that nothing was missed. If the vote comes out tied again, they'll employ the milk bottle method to determine a winner. 

The milk bottle method starts with an empty milk bottle and two small balls marked "1" and "2". Each ball represents one of the two candidates. An elections official will put the two balls in the milk bottle and draw one out. The candidate represented by that ball, will be declared the winner. The milk bottle method is set to happen on Friday, December 6. 

Dalton said she's researching how and when the milk bottle method started being used in Spokane County. It was most recently used in August of 2018, to decide a tie between two Precinct Committee Officer candidates. 

You can watch what happened here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1BUgejxkfI 

In other election news, Nadine Woodward will win the Spokane Mayoral race by 848 votes and Breean Beggs wins the Council President race by 957. See the rest of the results here: https://www.spokanecounty.org/2995/Current-Election-Results