Over $1.5 million was spent on Washington State Patrol troopers in the last 13 days at the Capitol Grounds. 

WSP Communication Director Chris Loftis said this cost is only for wages. An additional $100,000 was spent on supplies like food, equipment and lodging. 

After watching the siege at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, Loftis asked the question, "what is peace really worth?" 

Labor Estimate for January 6 - January 19:

  • Regular time: 488,299
  • Overtime: 1,019,151
  • Total: $ 1,507,450

Additional Expenditure Estimate for January 6 - January 19:

  • Food: 37,658
  • Supplies: 1,049
  • Equipment: 10,000
  • Lodging: 52,000
  • Total: $ 100,707

Total WSP Expenditures to Date: $ 1,608,157

The legislature will need to decide where the money is coming from to pay for the extra security at the Capitol Campus. 

This budget does not include other costs like the National Guard or the fencing that surrounds the building. 

Loftis said if all remains calm, WSP will likely start relieving National Guard members and Troopers from the campus. 

WSP said despite the absence of a specific threat, it does not mean there is no possible danger.