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November 6th 4:30pm 

Several races are still too close to call after another round of ballot results has been released. 

The race for Spokane City Council President is still too close to call. There are 851 votes separating current leader, Cindy Wendle from Breean Beggs. Wendle has 51 percent of the vote while Beggs has 49 percent. 

The race for Spokane Valley City Council position 2 is also still neck and neck. Brandi Peetz is now in the lead by 1.42 percent. Peetz has 50.71 percent while Michelle Rasmussen has 49.29 percent.

The race for Spokane City Council northwest district. Karen J. Stratton is leading with 2.5 percent. Stratton has 51.25 percent while Andy Rathbun has 48.75 percent.

November 5 9:10 pm

COEUR d'ALENE, Idaho - Early results are now in for North Idaho. 

Among the numbers are the race for Coeur d'Alene City Council seat 1. Christie Wood currently has a 66.69 percent lead over Elaine Price's 33.31 percent. 

Shelby Rognstad is currently leading with 51.58 percent of the vote for Sandpoint mayor. Ken Lawrence trails in second place with 26.11 percent and Shannon Williamson is in third with 22.32 percent of the vote. 

November 5 9:00 pm

SPOKANE, Wash. - Preliminary election results are in and the top measures on this years ballots also have early numbers.

Referendum 88, an affirmative action measure, had a 57.43 rejection rating with 46,317 votes against and only 34,338 votes in favor.

Initiative 976, which limits vehicle-registration fees, had a 56.12 percent approval rating. There were 46,491 votes in favor of the initiative and 36,348 votes against.

November 5 8:28 pm

SPOKANE, Wash. - Preliminary results show Nadine Woodward ahead of Ben Stuckart in the race for Spokane's next mayor.

Woodward came in with 52.37 percent of the vote, while Stuckart trailed with 47.63 percent.

Cindy Wendle is currently leading Breean Beggs in the race for City Council president with 51.04 percent to his 48.96 percent.

November 5 8:25 pm

SPOKANE, Wash. - Ben Stuckart has conceded in the race for Spokane mayor. 

“Nadine Woodward has won the election to be the Mayor of Spokane. It is time to unite behind Mayor-Elect Woodward," he said.

November 5 7:30 pm

SPOKANE, Wash. - Supporters have started to gather at the campaign parties for mayoral candidates Ben Stuckart and Nadine Woodward. 

Preliminary election results are expected to come in within an hour. 

November 5 4:45 pm

SPOKANE, Wash. - Votes are being counted and more are continuing to come in. It's Election Day in Spokane and in just a few hours, the first set of numbers will give an idea of who's winning, who's losing, what's passing and what's failing. 

The candidates for mayor and city council president are each preparing for the end of a long campaign trail. 

Mayoral candidate Ben Stuckart spent hours before the election at the local Democrat headquarters making last-minute calls to voters.

"It's a toss-up," he said when asked what he thought Tuesday's outcome would be. "It's like a coin flip, it could go either way."

Stuckart's opponent, Nadine Woodward, spent the final hours of her campaign continuing knocking on doors and talking with voters.

When asked if she thinks she'll be the next mayor of Spokane, she said, "I believe so. I certainly hope so, but again, it's up to the voters.

Candidate for City Council President Cindy Wendle posted a picture on Tuesday of herself and other volunteers out with campaign  signs. She posted the photo on Facebook with the caption "working up to the last minute."

Her opponent, Breean Beggs, also spent his last campaigning day sign-waving, as well as holding a phone banking session at the local Democrat headquarters. He posted a photo online with the caption, "It's going to be a close election. Let's win this Spokane."