A Spokane mother is concerned after receiving her daughter's ballot in the mail, while her daughter lives and is registered to vote in another state.

 She reached out to KHQ because she was worried about voter fraud.

"They say there is no such thing as voter fraud but there very easily could have been in this case," said Karen Nelli.

Karen Nelli received her ballot, her husband's ballot and her daughter's ballot in the mail on Saturday.

Nelli said her daughter has been registered to vote in North Carolina for two years.

She even showed us her daughters' registration in North Carolina, which shows the location of where she should vote this November.

So, you can imagine Nelli was shocked to see her daughters' ballot in their mail box.

"I was thinking oh good, she gets to vote twice but we have a few too much ethics and morals to do that," said Nelli. 

So, we asked Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton, how does this happen.

She said it's really on the voter to provide updated registration information, sometimes that doesn't happen in a timely manner and sometimes the voter doesn't provide enough information.

Nelli told KHQ that her daughter did provide the requested information when she registered to vote in North Carolina.

She thinks the state should be doing a lot more. 

"I think with this election that is so hotly debated, and the country so divided, it should be more careful, more concise, a lot more auditing of what's going on," said Nelli.

Nelli said that if you find yourself in this situation, she hopes you do the right thing.

"I hope that we have more honest people then dishonest people," Nelli said. "I would hope that more people would say hey we get two ballot we can only vote once," said Nelli. 

Dalton said that theoretically, she could have voted twice. But many states are comparing voter registration after the election, and identifying those voters that have voted in the same election but in different states.

If they find cause for voter fraud, Dalton said that person could face prosecution.