Stuckart, Woodward

SPOKANE, Wash. - Initial results are in for Spokane's 2019 Primary Elections and Nadine Woodward and Ben Stuckart are leading the pack for the mayoral race. 

Woodward currently holds a slight lead with 42.44% of the vote, followed by Stuckart with 37.33%. Shawn Poole is coming in in third place with 11.79% followed by Jonathan Bingle with 6% and Kelly Cruz with 2.45%. 

In the race for Spokane City Council President, Breean Beggs is currently in the top spot with 35.45% of the vote, followed by Cindy Wendle with 30.93%. Mike Fagan is in third place with 26.77% and Phillip Tyler has 6.85%.

As of 8:10 pm on Tuesday, August 6, a total of 78,638 ballots had been counted with 18,000 ballots left to be counted. 

Another ballot count will be released Wednesday, August 7, at 6:00 pm. View up-to-date election results HERE.

"You guys have been awesome and let me just say, how wonderful it has been to get the support of Spokane. I am absolutely honored by the people who have given their trust in me and have donated to me and volunteered to me," Woodward said addressing her supporters Tuesday night.

"But as we move now past the Primary and these numbers get certified I'm gonna tell you that I'm very excited to go head-to-head with Ben Stuckart, and I think the voters will see a crystal-clear contrast between the two of us," she said. 

Stuckart also issued the following official statement on the results:

"Our campaign is about celebrating the opportunities we have as a community and the good fortune we all share in calling Spokane our home. We've laid out a vision to help create a safer, equitable, and more sustainable city for our children and grandchildren. This vision is resonating with voters and we will continue to share our love for the city in contrast to the candidates who campaign on despondence and despair."