Hoopfest 2019 basketball

SPOKANE, Wash. - Not only does Hoopfest draw tens of thousands of basketball players and fans to Spokane every year, but it also brings in around $50 million to the city. Many local businesses are going to be jam-packed this weekend, especially if they're serving something for athletes.

"That first Hoopfest, I did not fully understand the craziness of downtown," Koryn Eskridge, Method Juice Café manager Koryn Eskridge said.

If you're playing in Hoopfest this weekend, you've probably been stretching and practicing your jump shot. But, business around town have been getting ready too, because black and orange seem to be Spokane's new favorite colors, with Hoopfest signs on every corner.

"It will just be swamped, and then we have lines that just go down the sidewalk," Eskridge said.

The cafe has lots to pick from, but this weekend, they're all about smoothies and acai bowls. Dietitians say, fruit is really important on game day, and recommend fruit be a part of your breakfast. But don't stop there, have fruit for lunch, during the game, for a snack, after the game, and for dinner.

Method said one of the big reasons they are so busy this weekend, is because everything they make is only with natural sugar, which keeps players full of energy.

"All of it made in house, all of it fresh, all of it organic," Eskridge said.

Dietitians also recommend eating eggs and grilled potatoes a few hours before tip-off, and not to skip lunch.