Tens of thousands of people will be playing basketball this weekend for Hoopfest but, if you've played in the world's largest 3-on-3 tournament before, then you know the streets are not as flat as an indoor court, which can lead to some missteps. Fortunately, hundreds of MultiCare employees are on standby. 

Last year, in the 48 hours that Hoopfest lasts, MultiCare saw almost 1,000 people who needed medical help. So whether you're playing to win this weekend, or just for fun, here's what you'll need to know about the medical tents.

"We have everything from the simplest thing like a Band-Aid, to all the way up to a heart attack," athletic trainer Jeff Morrison said. 

Stitches, taping, and bracing, Morrison said as an athletic trainer, this is what he lives for. 

"We saw everything, we see Achilles ruptures, we see fractures, lacerations, concussions, dehydration, pretty much if you can imagine it, we will see it," Morrison said. 

Hoopfest is MultiCare's own kind of game day. With more than 200 doctors, nurses, and physical therapists ready to leap into action, Morrison said they're ready for anything, and you should be too. 

"The most injuries that we see early on is an ankle sprain," Morrison said. 

To avoid this, players can come to a medical tent before their game, and MultiCare will tape you up for free. They'll be open an hour before game time.

Morrison said that cutting out tea, coffee, and alcohol will help keep you hydrated. He also suggests starting to drink water this week. 

"If you don't start hydrating now, you'll feel the effects come Sunday," Morrison said. 

He suggested having sports drinks while you're playing throughout the day, and another after the games are done. There's going to be four medical tents set up throughout Hoopfest: Spokane Falls & Washington, Main & Post, Main (East of Bernard), and the Spokane Arena parking lot. 

MultiCare isn't just for players. Whether you feel dehydrated from watching your kids play all day, or get run into by a player, MultiCare tents are free for anyone this weekend. If you get the Hoopfest app, it'll show you which tent is closest to you.