Hoopfest shows off new shirt designs

SPOKANE, Wash.- In nine days, Hoopfest will takeover Downtown Spokane. You might have already started breaking in your basketball shoes, but Action Apparel still has thousands of orders to fill.

The printing press transforms plain shirts, into something specifically made for Hoopfest weekend.

"There are hundreds of designs to pick from, all new, all specific to 2019. Some are actually honoring our 30th year anniversary as well, people are really excited about that," Morgan Marum, Hoopfest community engagement director, said.

A plain red shirt doesn't look too exciting, but that's where these guys at Action Apparel step in, and they're not just printing a basketball on a t-shirt. Each stitch, coloring, and word placement is handmade for Hoopfest.

"If we were going really fast, we could do 1,000 shirts an hour on this press," Shawn Murphy, Action Apparel, said.

Everyday Murphy is printing, embroidering, and heat pressing thousands of shirts for players, their families, and all the Hoopfest fans that come to Spokane for the weekend.

Marum said every year, the Hoopfest gear they produce, reflects the trends that Nike's focused on, so their t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and more, all have that "just do it" feel.

Hoopfest starts selling their official gear the Thursday before games, through Sunday evening.

So, if you are thinking about buying one of these shirts, don't wait, because the booths selling them, get taken down with the courts.