Lime Scooters

In an effort to enforce no usage of Lime Scooters and Bikes around Hoopfest, Spokane Police says a temporary geo-fence will be activated this weekend. 

Beginning late Friday and running through Sunday, SPD will set the geo-fence one block outside the perimeter of the Hoopfest venue in all directions. 

"This means if you are riding a Lime scooter or bike and coming into Hoopfest, the scooters will automatically power down about a block from the event," SPD said in a release. 

The geo-fence will also prevent the bikes and scooters from operating anywhere inside of Hoopfest.

Lime released a map this week showing areas around downtown Spokane and Riverfront Park that will be off limits, along with suggestions where to park if you planned to use Lime for traveling to Hoopfest.

Lime map