Kelly Cruz is a lifelong resident of Spokane and the current chair of Spokane C.O.P.S. and board member of Our Place community outreach. He is the former chair of the West Central Neighborhood Council and West Spokane Wellness Partnership. He is a two time recipient of the Citizenship Award for Outstanding Volunteer Leadership from the City of Spokane 


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Spokane is experiencing a homelessness crisis which cannot be defined by just the word homeless.

ECONOMIC FACTORS:  There are individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness because of temporary economic conditions:  loss of job, cutback in hours etc.  These conditions coupled with our current housing shortage have caused individuals and families to lose their housing and prevented them from finding new housing. 

Our City goverment needs to take the lead in how we can address these factors primarily by bringing community partners to the table to identify solutions which can be implemented to help ease the economic imact in our community,

ADDICTION ISSUES:  There are individuals that have addictions to drugs and or alcohol that prevent them from holding meaningful employment causing them to lose housing and they end up on our streets.  The City of Spokane’s focus has been to provide temporary shelter and food without addressing the underlying addiction issues.  The City needs to be partnering with programs that have a proven track record of addressing the underlying addictions issues which will allow people suffering from addiction to regain their diginity and a meaningful place in our society.

MENTAL ILLNESS:  Some people on our streets are suffering from mental illness which seems to be passed over as a serious problem in our community.  People suffering from mental illness need to be provided adequate treatment facilities which address their issues and allow them to become a part of our community again instead of ending up in our criminal justice system.


People in our community have become frustated with the system to the point that they are not reporting crime which leads to a false sense of security.

We need to address the underlying issues which are driving crime in our community primarily the illegal drug trafficking.

Crumbling Roads: 

Spokane has had pothole filled roads for far too long.  Even with millions of dollars dedicated annually to repairing our roads it has not been successful for all of Spokane.  Too many roads in our community that the citizens of Spokane rely on to conduct their daily business are in subpar condition with no improvement in sight.

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