DJ Khaled to workout every morning in isolation Content Exchange

DJ Khaled is trying to workout every morning now he's in isolation.

The 'Wild Thoughts' hitmaker has admitted he hasn't been to the gym for a while and is determined to put exercise back into his routine now that he's spending most of his time at home eating and watching TV due to the coronavirus crisis.

Taking to his Instagram account, he said: "Back at it, back at it!

"I guess while we're all at our houses and cribs, we're all going to be eating a lot. It is what it is, we're all going to be eating a lot. We need to be honest with ourselves, watching a lot of TV.

"We're going to have to put a workout into our routine as well so every morning I'm going to get it in. Let's go.

"Also you'll notice, no hair cut alert. It is what it is. At least look at the bright side, when we do get hair cuts, it's going to be legendary. Let's go."

The 44-year-old singer became a Weight Watchers ambassador in 2018 and, as a result, lost 26 pounds due to the manageable points system.

He said at the time: "Man. Weight Watchers is going good. The freestyle programme is doing real big. It's a real lifestyle because all you have to do is not go over your point [total]. And there are so many zero points [foods] in case you get hungry. I got the freestyle dance. Right now, the last weigh in as like 26 pounds. I got rid of - I don't lose. All I do is win - you know what I mean."

At the time, the 'Do You Mind' hitmaker said he wanted to lose weight for his son Asahd, now three years old, because he loves him so much.

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