Elvis Costello performed in his garden during lockdown

Elvis Costello kept his voice in good condition by performing in his garden during lockdown.

The 67-year-old star lives in New York and on Vancouver Island with his wife Diana Krall, and he's revealed how he kept his voice "in trim" amid the global health crisis.

He explained: "During the morning I like to work on new songs. I managed to keep my voice in trim over the past year by performing in the garden. That must have freaked out the neighbors. I don’t have a studio at home, just a computer. It’s very easy to bang on about the old days being better, but I can compose on a laptop just as easily.

"Back in the 1970s we were recording albums in poky London studios using a tape machine. If I dreamt up a song then I had to keep humming the tune until I was close enough to a guitar to write the chords down."

Elvis admits his life hasn't been "very rock’n’roll" amid the pandemic.

He also revealed that he and his wife meet during the working day to discuss their progress.

He explained in the Sunday Times newspaper: "Diana has an upstairs office where she likes to work. We meet in the kitchen at lunchtime and discuss the day - a hot bowl of soup is perfect at this time of year."

Meanwhile, Elvis recently admitted that he's not a fan of modern rock music.

He shared: "I don’t like much rock music. I like rock & roll. I think if you lose the roll part, a lot of the fun goes out of it.

"And when people ask me, 'What’s your favorite record?' I usually don’t name any electric-guitar records made in the last 30 years because the beat is so square."

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