Mad Minute

HAMPTON FALLS, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire man placed second in an innovation contest after fashioning a surfboard out of hundreds of used Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups.

Thirty-two-year-old Korey Nolan, of Hampton Falls, spent seven months collecting the cups for a competition put on by surf brand Vissla called Creators and Innovators Upcycle Contest. The Portsmouth Herald reports Nolan’s board’s made out of 700 cups.

Nolan also used more than 30 plastic straws and other materials in his board. Most cups came from family members who gave them to Nolan, though some were picked up from the roadside.

The Herald reports Nolan compressed the raw materials together and finished the board using bamboo, epoxy and more. The top honors went to Titouan La Droitte, who built a board out of 150 aluminum cans.


PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The stork will be making even more trips to a Maine hospital.

This week, all except one of the nine pregnant labor and delivery nurses at Maine Medical Center showed off their baby bumps in a photo shared widely on social media. The infants are expected to arrive between April and July.

Not to be outdone, the emergency department announced that 12 nurses will become parents, too.

Nurse Melanie Ann Smithgall posted a photo Wednesday showing nine of 11 pregnant nurses. Two were absent from the photo, along with an expectant father who works as a nurse.

The group of 11′s due dates range from April to October.


MEXICO CITY (AP) — Police in Mexico say they caught a man who stole a front-end loader, drove it to a local bank, knocked down a wall, chained a safe to the machine and tried to drag it off.

Prosecutors in the central state of Morelos say the loader had a front bucket as well as a jackhammer the thieves used to destroy the wall of the bank. They then chained the bank's safe to the vehicle, apparently to drag it away.

They didn't get far, however.

Alerted by reports of the equipment theft, police in the town of Oaxtepec used surveillance cameras to locate the men and detect their noisy, slow-motion robbery attempt early Friday.

One suspect was detained, while the others fled.


CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — What a gift!

A Charleston woman was given a $3 lottery ticket and it has paid off, winning her $100,000.

WCIV-TV reports the winning ticket was purchased at the Dodges Store #863 on Johns Island. That business received $1,000 for selling the ticket.

Having never played the lottery before, the woman — whose name has not been released — was surprised when the Lady Jumbo Bucks Crossword ticket spelled out 11 words to win her the game's top prize. She says the ticket was a gift from "a dear friend" and she still "gets emotional thinking about it."

There are two top prizes of $100,000 in the $3 Lady Jumbo Bucks Crossword game with odds of winning listed at 1 in 600,000.


(FOX) This guy's car was a real pigsty.

A Minnesota sheriff's office on Friday shared a strange encounter after an officer pulled over a motorist allegedly seen swerving on a highway -- and found a pig in the front seat.

Chisago County sheriff's deputy Sgt. Jason Foster responded to a report of someone swerving on Interstate 35, and when he stopped the pickup truck that had been flagged, Foster soon came upon the pig, who was sitting on the driver's lap, according to FOX9.

"It was kind of shocking. He had this 250-pound pig on his lap. In fact, it was leaning against the steering wheel he was muscling the steering wheel to keep it in its lane," Foster told the station.

The driver told Foster he was in the process of moving and didn't want his pets to get cold in the back of the pickup truck. Foster let the driver and his porky passenger off the hook with a warning. He added that drivers who are worried about their pets shouldn't let them sit on their lap while driving.

"Let the pig lay in the back or put the pig in the passenger seat, whatever. Don't drive with a pig in your lap, either," Foster said.


(FOX) Six additional people have been sickened as a result of a salmonella outbreak that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says is likely tied to pet hedgehogs.

A total of 17 people across 11 states have now been infected with salmonella typhimurium, an increase from January, when 11 people in eight states were sickened, the federal health agency said Friday in its first update since announcing the outbreak.

Nearly all (87 percent) of those who were sickened told the CDC they had contact with a hedgehog before falling ill. At least two people have been hospitalized as a result, but no deaths have been reported.

"The outbreak strain making people sick was identified in samples collected from eight hedgehogs in Minnesota, including three hedgehogs from two ill patients' homes," the CDC said in its update, though noted a common supplier of the animals has not yet been identified. That said, hedgehogs have the potential to infect people with salmonella regardless of where they were purchased.

"Hedgehogs can carry salmonella germs in their droppings while appearing healthy and clean," the CDC explains. "These germs can easily spread to their bodies, habitats, toys, bedding, and anything in the area where they live. People become sick after they touch hedgehogs or anything in their habitats."

The CDC also warned people should not "kiss or snuggle" hedgehogs because they "can spread salmonella germs to your face and mouth and make you sick."

Salmonella infections can cause diarrhea, vomiting, fever and abdominal cramps. Illnesses are more likely to be severe in the elderly and infants, according to the CDC, which estimates salmonella causes about 1.2 million illnesses in the U.S. per year.


April 1 (UPI) -- A copy of the first book in the Harry Potter series featuring some rare typos sold for more than $90,000 in a London auction.

Auction house Bonhams said the first-edition copy of Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone -- known in the United States as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- attracted a high bid of $90,074.

The specific edition is famed in the Potter fandom for containing a handful of typos, including misspelling the word "Philosopher" and the repetition of "1 wand" on the list of items the boy wizard needs to obtain for school.

"Like most enduring books aimed at younger readers, the Harry Potter books also have wide appeal to adults and there is a strong market among collectors for first editions. This copy is in excellent condition -- one of the very best I've seen," said Matthew Haley, Bonhams head of books and manuscripts.


April 1 (UPI) -- A mischievous goat had to be escorted away from a school bus stop in Utah when it repeatedly attempted to follow children onto the vehicle.

Megan Mcphie captured video showing children boarding a Wasatch County School District bus in Heber City.

A goat, known to locals as Tango, repeatedly tries to board the bus with the children, but a man blocks its path.

The goat attempts to circumvent the man, but is lifted and carried away from the bus by a nearby woman.

"This goat is hilarious and so friendly, I'm sure he just wanted to be a part of them," Mcphie wrote.


(NPR) Around this time every year, tens of thousands of flamingos flock to Mumbai to feed. But this year, there are almost three times more than the normal amount in the city — about 120,000.

The reason for the influx is currently a mystery. But some scientists believe that pollution in the birds' natural habitat might be one factor at play.

As The Guardian reports, one of the best places to see large flocks of flamingos in Mumbai is near a water treatment plant alongside the city's Thane Creek. Now, an increase in sewage output and industrial runoff into the creek is thought by some to be fueling an uptick in the blue-green algae that the birds feed on.

"The scene in the Thane Creek when they are wading in the water is amazing," Rahul Khot, assistant director of the Bombay Natural History Society, says in an interview with NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday.

Khot and his team aren't convinced quite yet that sewage output and industrial runoff is why the flamingo population has spiked this year, but they welcome the attention the flamingos of Mumbai are getting right now.

"It's really good to see large number of birds visiting this metrocity, but that also adds to our responsibility to conserve their habitat so that incoming future coming generation will also enjoy this bird," Khot says.


(Mirror News) The world's most expensive burger has gone on sale in a Tokyo restaurant with a £700 price tag.

Chef Patrick Shimada, who works at the Oak Door steakhouse in Tokyo's Roppongi district, is the man behind the creation - which will be on the menu until June.

The Golden Giant Burger is made up of a 1kg patty, Wagyu beef slices, foie gras (a luxury paste made from duck of goose liver), shaved truffle, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and onions.

The huge bun, which is six inches wide and 10 tall, is dusted with gold.

It has been created to celebrate the crowning of the new Japanese emperor, Crown Prince Naruhito.

The website states: "In celebration of the new Imperial era Reiwa and the long Golden Week, The Oak Door steakhouse will serve a special edition of their signature burger that come with two sizes.

"Let these indulgent burgers be the perfect choice for celebration!"

Writing on the hotel's website, Patrick says: "As a fourth-generation Japanese, I am honored to witness this exciting time of change in Imperial era while working in Japan.

"While I was thinking how I could contribute to this once-in-a-life-time opportunity, I came up with this idea of Golden Giant Burger.

"In celebration of this special occasion in Japan, we consider using gold as a traditional ingredient to present this burger for the enjoyment of our dearest guests."

Anyone who fancies splashing out to try the burger will need to order at least three days in advance.