Mad Minute

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — After 139 years at 807 Franklin St. in San Francisco, a two-story Victorian house has a new address.

The green home with large windows and a brown front door was loaded onto giant dollies and moved Sunday to a location six blocks away.

Onlookers lined the sidewalks to snap photos as the structure rolled — at a top speed of 1 mph — to 635 Fulton St.

The house’s journey has been in the planning stages for years, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Veteran house mover Phil Joy told the newspaper he had to secure permits from more than 15 city agencies.

Joy said this move is tricky in part because the first part of the journey involves going downhill.

“That’s always difficult for a house,” he said.

Along the route, parking meters were ripped up, tree limbs were trimmed and traffic signs were relocated.

The owner of the six-bedroom house, San Francisco broker Tim Brown, will pay about $400,000 in fees and moving costs, the Chronicle said.


Feb. 22 (UPI) -- A Florida man was reunited with the wedding ring he lost at a Minnesota grocery store when it was found during a remodeling project five years later -- just in time for his 100th birthday.

Donald Dennis celebrated his 100th birthday Sunday with family and friends in Fort Lauderdale, and among the presents he received at the celebration was the wedding ring he had lost five years earlier while shopping at an Aldi store in his hometown of Austin, Minn.

The ring was found recently by a contractor working on a remodeling project at the Aldi, and store managers used the inscription -- Dennis' name, his wife's name and the wedding date -- to identify Dennis as the owner and get in touch with his daughter.

The wife of the contractor who found the ring was already planning to visit Florida this month for unrelated business, so Dennis' daughter arranged for family friend Camille Falconer to meet with the woman Sunday and bring the ring to the birthday party.

Falconer said it was an emotional moment when Dennis' daughter presented him with the ring.

"He teared up," Falconer told WTLV-TV. "He got the biggest grin on his face and he just held that in his hand like it was a treasure, which it is, and he put it right back on his finger and it fit just fine."

Dennis' daughter, Shari Johnson, said the World War II veteran's birthday celebrations also included a ride in a military vehicle provided by Mission BBQ restaurant and his photo was put in a place of honor on the eatery's wall.


Feb. 22 (UPI) -- Veterinarians at an Oklahoma animal hospital said a puppy believed to be the first ever to be born alive with six legs is beating the odds by surviving and thriving.

The Neel Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City said the puppy, named Skipper, was born with a single head and chest cavity, but she has six legs, two tails, two pelvic regions, two lower urinary tracts and two reproductive systems.

The hospital said Skipper is believed to be the first canine with six legs to be born alive, and despite some signs of spinal bifida, her organs "appear to be in great shape."

"All of her legs move and respond to stimulus just like a normal puppy. Its possible she may need physical therapy and assistance with mobility as she gets older," the hospital said in a Facebook post.

The hospital said Skipper is "very strong" and is doing well at her owner's home.

"All of her legs move and respond to stimulus just like a normal puppy. Its possible she may need physical therapy and assistance with mobility as she gets older," the post said.


CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) — Customs authorities in Ohio say they intercepted a shipment of cereal earlier this month with a special frosting — cocaine.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati reported finding 44 pounds (20 kilograms) of cocaine-coated cornflakes that had been shipped from South America to a Hong Kong home.

Officials said a narcotics detection dog named Bico was checking out incoming freight from Peru on Feb. 13 when he alerted officers to the package. Officers found that the cereal contained white powder and the flakes were coated with a grayish substance. Both tested positive for cocaine.

Cincinnati Port Director Richard Gillespie said smugglers will try to hide narcotics in anything imaginable but vowed that inspectors will "use their training, intuition, and strategic skills" to stop such shipments.


(CNBC) Peak chicken sandwich wars may be nigh.

Taco Bell said Monday that it will test its own take on the menu item starting March 11 in Nashville, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Yum Brands chain will become at least the fourth fast-food brand to announce a chicken sandwich in the last month. Restaurants are looking to chicken to fuel sales this year because the category is growing faster than beef. Chicken sandwiches, in particular, are soaring in popularity thanks to the success of Popeyes' version and Chick-fil-A's expansion beyond its Southeastern roots.

Taco Bell's take draws from the same vague Mexican inspiration as the rest of its menu. The Crispy Chicken Sandwich Tacos are served in flatbread with a piece of crispy tortilla chicken and chipotle sauce and will sell for $2.49 each. A spicy version with jalapeno slices will also be available.

Taco Bell also teased that the taco won't be the only new crispy chicken item hitting menus this year. It's also not the first time that it's offered crispy chicken on its menu. Past hits have included its Crispy Chicken Chickstar, a star-shaped tortilla wrap filled with crispy chicken; Naked Chicken Chips, chip-shaped crispy chicken pieces that come with nacho dipping sauce; and the Naked Chicken Chalupa, a piece of chicken shaped like a tortilla stuffed with typical taco fillings.

Chicken sandwiches appear on 47.8% of total U.S. restaurant menus, according to Datassential's MenuTrends. And a flood of new entries are on the way.

McDonald's told investors last year that it's doubling down on chicken, including the launch of its own chicken sandwich on Wednesday. Taco Bell's sister chain, KFC, has unveiled a premium take on the menu item, while Wendy's announced a jalapeno popper version. Restaurant Brand International's Burger King is testing a hand-breaded chicken sandwich for a nationwide launch.


A rare cactus from the Amazon rainforest has flowered for the first time in the UK - and for one night only.

The short-lived blooming of the moonflower, which lasts just 12 hours from sunset to sunrise, was captured on a livestream and watched by thousands of people around the world.

The large white nocturnal flower emits a beautiful sweet-smelling fragrance, likened by some naturalists to one of the popstar Rihanna's perfumes, as it blossoms to attract their pollinators - two species of hawkmoth.

Two hours after it has fully opened, its scent changes to a more rancid smell before it dies as dawn arrives. It is thought the flower probably dies after blooming because it is not very successful when it comes to self-pollination.

However, the plant will continue to live and send out new flower shoots.

Alex Summers has been responsible for growing and nurturing the unusual cactus in the tropical house at Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

He said: "I'm so excited to see and share this most unusual flowering. It's very rare to have this plant in our collection and we believe this is the first time the moonflower has flowered in the UK."


OAKLEY, Calif. (AP) — All members of a San Francisco Bay Area school board resigned days after they were heard making disparaging comments about parents at a virtual board meeting they didn't realize was being broadcast to the public.

The four members of Oakley Union Elementary School District Board had stepped down by Friday amid growing outrage that began with the board's Wednesday meeting. Before the meeting officially began and unaware the public could see and hear them, they used profanity and made jokes about parents just wanting a babysitter or to smoke pot in their home.

The incident garnered national attention and widespread condemnation.

The district's superintendent, Greg Hetrick, announced the resignation in a letter Friday and said that Contra Costa County education board members will replace them in an interim capacity, the Mercury News reported.

"We deeply regret the earlier comments that were made in the meeting of the Board of Education earlier this week," a joint statement by now ex-board members Kim Beede, Erica Ippolito and Richie Masadas says. "As trustees, we realize it is our responsibility to model the conduct that we expect of our students and staff, and it is our obligation to build confidence in district leadership; our comments failed you in both regards, and for this we offer our sincerest apology."

Beede, Ippolito and Masadas join board President Lisa Brizendine, who announced her resignation Thursday.

Trustees were awaiting the start of the meeting when they began discussing parents' letters and social media posts about reopening schools.

Beede defended herself against a parent who chided her on social media for going to a party during the coronavirus pandemic after declaring it wasn't safe to return to school.

"I wasn't doing anything bad — I honestly don't care about that part — but are we alone?" she asked the other trustees. "B—-, ..If you call me out, I'm going to f—you up."

"Sorry, that's just me," Beede added.

After some laughter, Brizendine chimed in to commiserate with others about the growing criticism they've faced over closed schools, suggesting parents really want schools to reopen so they get their babysitters back.

Masadas suggested parents wanted their free time for other reasons.

"My brother had a delivery service for medical marijuana. The high clientele were the parents with their kids at school. When you have your kids at home, no more (inaudible)," Masadas said, clasping his hands on his forehead as others chuckled in the background.

The remarks were met with swift, widespread condemnation, calls for the board's resignation — including from Oakley's mayor — and coast-to-coast coverage. A petition calling for the board to resign quickly garnered thousands of signatures.


Feb. 22 (UPI) -- An Ontario woman is applying for a Guinness World Record after completing a 40,320-piece puzzle -- the world's largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle -- in 150 hours.

Maxine Olive, 24, of Belleville, took on the Ravensburger Memorable Moments puzzle, a 10-panel collection of interlocking puzzles depicting characters from Disney animated movies.

Olive said she worked for about 16 hours a day on the puzzle, finishing in a total of about 150 hours.

The puzzle enthusiast live streamed video of her attempt on Twitch and posted updates on her Facebook while the work was underway.

The Ravensburger Memorable Moments puzzle, which holds a Guinness World Record for the largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle, was previously assembled with a fastest time of 423 hours by a Massachusetts man.

Olive said video and other evidence from her attempt is being submitted to Guinness for official recognition.


(FOX) Girl Scout cookies aren't just delicious. Now, they're stylish, too.

K-Swiss and Girl Scouts USA have developed a new line of sneakers inspired by the beloved cookies, according to recent reports.

"Girl Scout x K-Swiss Court 66" is set to be released next month and will be available at K-Swiss, the Girl Scouts online store and Foot Locker, according to Good Morning America.

"At K-Swiss we believe that entrepreneurship is the new aspiration of young people, our target audience," Barney Waters, the K-Swiss president said, per GMA. "The Girl Scout cookie program teaches important lessons of entrepreneurship early on, and so it was a program we wanted to support in a creative way."

The collection includes three styles of shoe inspired by classic Girl Scout cookies and their colorful boxes, according to pictures acquired by GMA.

The shoes based on Thin Mints are mint green and brown, with brown polka dots on the inside.

The Samoas-inspired shoes are reminiscent of the cookies' boxes. The shoes are orange with magenta shoelaces and lining.

Finally, the shoes based on Trefoils are tan and blue, with the shape of the cookie embossed on the sides.


( A New Zealand-born nun has been caught breaching Covid-19 restrictions in Ireland to attend an exorcism.

The Irish Examiner reports Sister Anne Marie was one of a pair of nuns who broke Covid guidelines to attend an exorcism of the Dáil before Christmas.

The two Cork-based sisters attended the exorcism in Dublin on December 8 at a time when inter-county travel was banned.

A video has appeared online which shows the exorcism and a subsequent Mass in Herbert Park, South Dublin.

The pair have been fundraising in recent months after being ordered to leave their religious retreat. The Examiner reported they had raised more than $127,000 in crowdfunding.

Mother Irene Gibson, of a group called the Carmelite Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus, was ordered to vacate the compound at Corran South near the village of Leap in West Cork by next June.

That followed a 2019 conviction for breaching planning regulations in relation to the premises, which she set up as a religious retreat in 2016.

The Irish Times earlier reported Sister Anne Marie, formerly Hannah Loeman of Whanganui, professed her vows of obedience, chastity and poverty in May 2019 to become a Carmelite Nun of the Holy Face of Jesus.

"I arrived here from New Zealand in March 2017 and in September 2017, I received the habit as a novice and today I have made my first profession of vows for a period of three years," Sr Anne Marie, told The Irish Times in 2019.

"I chose the order because they are devoted to our Lady and reading about the life of St Teresa and praying and discerning the will of God."