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MIAMI (AP) — A pet dog that jumped out of a car window on a South Carolina highway has been found two weeks later, nearly 600 miles (966 kilometers) away in Miami, according to a relative of the owner.

The dog named Belle escaped from the moving car near Charleston on July 15, according to Tim Whitfield, whose 90-year-old mother owns Belle.

Whitfield put out a call for help on Facebook at the time and said that he bought the puppy for his mother after her dog of 16 years recently died. She was “heartbroken” after hearing the dog was lost, Whitfield added.

After nearly two weeks of searching, Whitfield learned over the weekend that a car of Florida residents grabbed Belle out of traffic after spotting the animal while traveling through Charleston to Miami, WCIV-TV reported Sunday.

The rescuers said they saved Belle because they were afraid she was going to be hit by oncoming cars, the station reported. They then tracked down Whitfield through social media posts.

Whitfield thanked all the people who helped share Belle’s story in a message posted to Facebook on Sunday.

“A great reminder that when all seems lost, hope must be the constant thought,” he said.


July 27 (UPI) -- A rare blue lobster delivered to a Red Lobster restaurant in Ohio was spared from gracing a patron's dinner plate when employees found it a new home at a zoo.

The Akron Zoo said staff at the Red Lobster in Cuyahoga Falls spotted the blue crustacean in a delivery and recognized it as a rare specimen.

The eatery contacted the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which in turn contacted the zoo about giving a new home to the lobster, which was dubbed "Clawde" after Red Lobster's mascot.

A zoo employee traveled to the eatery and brought Clawde to his new home.

"Clawde is acclimating to his new home here at the Akron Zoo, in a special tank that has been dubbed 'Clawde's Man Cave' by his care team," the zoo said.

The zoo said Clawde's color is caused by a genetic abnormality believed to affect about one in every 2 million lobsters.

The zoo's announcement comes just days after employees at a Stop & Shop store in Toms River, N.J., disclosed one of the lobsters in a recent shipment had a rare orange coloration.

The store said it is seeking a new permanent home for the rare crustacean at an aquarium.


July 27 (UPI) -- An overturned tractor-trailer created an unusual traffic hazard Monday morning when it spilled beer all over the New Jersey side of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Police said the tractor-trailer driver lost control about 6 a.m. Monday on Route 676 southbound, just across the Ben Franklin Bridge from Pennsylvania, and the vehicle landed on its side.

Officials said the truck was carrying a load of beer, which spilled across the roadway.

Crews were on scene to clean up the mess.

The driver of the truck was treated for minor injuries. No other injuries were reported.


July 27 (Reuters) - It runs, walks, and prances, rhythmically tapping its four feet before it sinks down on its haunches and crouches.

Despite its name, Fluffy has no fur. But the bright yellow robot, leased by Ford Motor Co from Boston Dynamics Inc, can fetch pictures and videos of a car factory with its five "eyes" to help engineers design upgrades for workspaces.

With an accurate camera scan, "we can build those pieces within the workstation, and we can see if there's any interferences or if everything new is going to fit," said Mark Goderis, Ford's advanced manufacturing center digital engineering manager.

Fluffy, controlled by an engineer with a handheld device, can travel up to 3 miles per hour (4.8 kph) for about two hours on its battery.

Fluffy can also ride 'Scouter,' a small round robot, through a factory to save power, while the two companions gather data. Wherever Scouter cannot glide into, Fluffy can fill in the gaps.

The automaker is testing the robots at its Van Dyke Transmission Plant in Michigan. The robots' scans cost a fraction of the $300,000 needed for engineers to walk over millions of square feet in a factory to set up cameras on a tripod, Ford said in a statement.

But the new engineers are just helpers, Goderis said.

"Our goal isn't to displace any of the workforce," he said, but "automating our processes and making the engineers and people that work for our company more efficient and effective in building quality products."

Boston does not provide lease terms but Fluffy's robot model, named 'Spot,' can be purchased for $74,500.


(CNN) – $35,000. That's the price tag for a new electronic car made just for kids.

Bugatti and the Little Car Company have teamed up to make this mini car.

It was first unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

The car is called a Bugatti Baby II. It's a modern interpretation of the original Bugatti Baby from nearly 100 years ago.

The car comes in several versions and two driving modes. In novice mode, the car can go up to 12 miles an hour. In expert mode, it can reach 30 miles an hour.

While the original Bugatti Baby was meant for an 8-year-old to drive, the new car is intended for young teenagers.


(CNN) — A fully serviced private island in Australia's Southern Great Barrier Reef is now on the market -- just in time for those who want a place to ride out the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pumpkin Island, located 14 kilometers or a 30-minute boat ride off the coast of Queensland, comes with a private beach, a bay filled with fresh oysters and a self-contained resort with renewable energy sources.

The island is currently owned by Wayne and Laureth Rumble, through their company Sojourn Retreats.

"It was the ideal place to spend lockdown during the pandemic," the couple tells CNN Travel via email.

"It is secluded, private and yet you have total freedom to move around, be outside ... our kids were playing in the playground, on the beach and life just felt very normal until we switched on the news."

It's listed on the market for AUD25 million, or $17 million USD, with a rolling lease until 2046, reports CNN affiliate 9News.

Australia's first "beyond carbon neutral" island -- offsetting 150% of its annual greenhouse gas emissions -- and one of the country's most sustainable hotels, Pumpkin Island features five self-contained beach cottages that sleep up to 34 guests.

In addition to using wind and solar power, the island has a filtering system that turns rainwater into drinking water.

Other facilities include two oceanfront bungalows (filled with a games room, library and lounge), a licensed bar and lounge area, two registered moorings, a helicopter pad as well as a custom-built 36-passenger boat.

A separate oyster lease can also be bought, "allowing guests to shuck oysters off the rocks," says the listing.

Prior to 1961, the island was an oyster farm that belonged to a man called Snigger Findlay.

"(A couple by the name of) Roger and Merle Mason fell in love with Pumpkin Island, but Snigger did not want to sell it. So when Roger challenged Snigger to a game of poker, he said that if he wins Snigger would have to sell the island to Roger. So Roger won and bought the island for £60," say the Rumbles.

The Rumbles bought the island in 2003 for AUD1.3 million ($909,000 USD) after seeing an article in the newspaper.

The island was leased by a Queensland beer company between 2012 and 2015 to promote their beer Castlemaine XXXX and was renamed XXXX Island during that period.

"Their customers could win an all-expenses-paid holiday for themselves and three friends to the island if they found the golden beer can in a case of beer. Almost like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," say the Rumbles.

The couple say they are selling the island because they would like to move closer to their family in New Zealand.

"We would love to hand the island over to someone who would care for it as much as we do. It is a very special place and ideally, the new owners would find as much joy in the beauty and breathtaking nature as we have."


LONDON (AP) — St. Bernards are known for helping to rescue distressed travelers in the mountains, but the tables were turned Sunday in northern England.

Sixteen volunteers from the Wasdale mountain rescue team took turns carrying Daisy, a 121-pound (55 kilogram) St Bernard, from England's highest peak, Scafell Pike. The mountain rescue team spent nearly five hours rescuing Daisy, who had collapsed Friday evening while descending the mountain with her owners.

Rescue workers said Daisy was displaying signs of pain in her rear legs and was refusing to move. After consulting with a veterinarian's office, they administered some pain relief and adjusted their stretcher, which is designed for humans, to be more dog-friendly. They also packed a few treats to help settle her down.

"Having team members with their own pampered pooches at home, and also our much-adored search dog Jess, we recognize the distress that both an animal can feel and also that of their owners," the team said.

They said Daisy was recovering from her ordeal.

Scafell Pike, 978 meters (3,209 feet) above sea level, is located in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria.

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue team relies on donations to fund their mountain safety efforts.


(CNN) Dr. Anthony Fauci threw an abysmal first pitch to kick off the historic 2020 Major League Baseball season. But fans of the renowned disease expert clearly don't mind.

A Topps baseball card with a masked Fauci mid-pitch just became the bestselling card in the history of ToppsNow, the company's collection of limited-edition cards.

ToppsNow cards are available for only 24 hours on the Topps site. More than 51,500 Faucis were sold when the card hit the site last week, the company said Monday.

Dr. Anthony Fauci isn't the Nationals' new ace, but he's cemented his place in baseball lore with his own best-selling card.

Fauci, the country's foremost coronavirus expert and longtime head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, threw the first pitch at the Washington Nationals' season opener against the New York Yankees in late July.

The longtime Nats fan flung the ball so far to the left of the mound it nearly hit photographers capturing the moment. His baseball card is kinder, and the caption on the back describes the 79-year-old's pitch as "a strong effort to the plate."

After the game, Fauci said he gave it his best, but ultimately, he miscalculated the distance to the plate.

"I don't know if you want to call it a pitch," he joked at an online event for the Center for Strategic and International Studies last week. "It was really funny."

Fauci has previously warned that sports as they're traditionally played and watched likely won't return for a bit. In an interview with the New York Times in April, he said "we're not ready" for sports to return. Most professional sports leagues in the US canceled or postponed their seasons when Covid-19 became a pandemic.

The truncated 2020 MLB season, which returned last week without fans and a new set of season-specific rules, and the upcoming NBA season will help prove whether sports can survive in the pandemic. Two MLB games were canceled Monday after Miami Marlins players and coaches were confirmed to have coronavirus, throwing into question whether the rest of the season will continue.

Where the NBA players are cloistered at an Orlando facility near Disney World, in what's colloquially known as the "bubble" where players will live, practice and play for the season, MLB teams planned to travel to each other's home fields with a new schedule. Players are regularly tested for coronavirus and encouraged to wear masks in the dugout and in the clubhouse, but they haven't been sequestered in the same facility outside of games and practices.


July 27 (UPI) -- A loose kangaroo was captured by veterinarians more than two months after it escaped from a zoo on a Norwegian island.

Veterinarian Tore Hausken said the kangaroo was shot with a tranquilizer dart Sunday and transported back to the Haugeland Zoo, where the marsupial had escaped from its enclosure in May.

Bernt Kai Velde, owner of the Haugeland Zoo, confirmed the kangaroo has returned to the facility, but declined further comment.

The kangaroo had been spotted numerous times during its two months on the loose, including a sighting by a local elementary school class that had just finished studying a unit about Australia.


(FOX) You can take some people at face value.

A Florida man with an apparent tattoo of a machete on his face was arrested for allegedly attacking someone with a machete over the weekend, authorities said.

Justin Couch, 25, is accused of slicing the victim's forearm with the blade, leaving him unable to move his left hand, according to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

The victim, an adult man, said the incident started Monday at around 2:30 p.m. when Couch began arguing with him "for no reason" and kicked him out of a home in Tarrytown, deputies said.

When the victim asked if he could grab his wallet and cellphone before leaving, Couch allegedly told him "There's nothing here for you, leave."

He then "began striking the victim in the arm and leg" with the flat side of a machete's blade, officials said.

"Couch then swung the machete at the victim's face," deputies said.

The victim put his left forearm up to block his face and was sliced with the blade, before feeling "severe pain" and passing out, deputies said.

Couch then apparently took the the victim to an unknown friend's house, who took the man to the hospital.

He was arrested Tuesday and charged with aggravated battery.