Mad Minute

GUTHRIE, Okla. (AP) — Police in Oklahoma say they found a rattlesnake, a canister of radioactive powdered uranium and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey during a traffic stop of a vehicle that had been reported stolen.

The traffic stop happened June 26 in Guthrie, about 30 miles (45 kilometers) north of Oklahoma City. Guthrie police Sgt. Anthony Gibbs told Oklahoma City TV station KFOR that police don’t know why the uranium was in the vehicle or how it was obtained, though uranium ore can be bought on Amazon.

Gibbs says police also found a gun in the console and a terrarium in the backseat containing a pet Timber rattlesnake.

Gibbs says the driver, Stephen Jennings, was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, transporting an open container of liquor and driving with a suspended license.

Jennings remains jailed in Logan County.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A tractor-trailer hauling pig intestine has dumped its load across a downtown highway in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Transportation tweeted that at least three lanes of westbound Interstate 670 were closed Thursday because of the spill, and that an emergency response truck with a snow plow blade was sent to the scene to help clean up the mess.

Transportation officials urged drivers to, "Find an alternate snout. Sorry, alternate route."


WEST MILFORD, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey man is promising to give his neighbor's dog a steak for chasing a black bear from his backyard.

Mark Stinziano tells WABC-TV his home security camera captured what happened Tuesday night when the bruin decided to snack on the bird feeder behind his West Milford home.

The video shows the bear pulling down the bird feeder when the neighbor's dog, Riley, races into the yard. Riley slammed into the startled bear, which scrambled to escape.

Riley's owner, Alan Tlusty, says his dog always chases the bear whenever he sees him in the yard.

Stinziano says Riley also checks on his children when they are in the pool.


JOENSUU, Finland (AP) — Armed with needles and a yarn of wool, teams of avid knitters danced Thursday to the deafening sounds of drums beating and guitars slashing at the first-ever Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship in eastern Finland.

With stage names such as Woolfumes, Bunny Bandit and 9″ Needles, the participants shared a simple goal: to showcase their knitting skills while dancing to heavy metal music in the most outlandish way possible.

"It's ridiculous but it's so much fun," said Heather McLaren, an engineering PhD student who traveled from Scotland for a shot at the "world title." ″When I saw there was a combination of heavy metal and knitting, I thought 'that's my niche.'"

The competition took place in a packed square in the small town of Joensuu close to the Russian border. An eclectic group of around 200 people watched the performances, from families with young children and elderly to the less conspicuous heavy metal fans donning leather-jackets and swirling their long hair to the fast-paced rhythm of the music.

A niche musical genre in many countries, heavy metal is more mainstream in Finland, with several bands household names frequently played on the radio. Its popularity grew further in 2006 when the Finnish band Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest dressed as monsters.

Today, Finland has the highest number of heavy metal bands per capita in the world with over 50 bands per 100,000 people. Even former U.S. President Barack Obama commented on this rich tradition while welcoming his Finnish counterpart to the White House in 2016.

"In Finland it's very dark in the wintertime, so maybe it's in our roots. We're a bit melancholic, like the rhythm," said Mark Pyykkonen, one of three people judging the competition.

While combining heavy metal music with knitting might not seem an obvious match, the organizers say it's similar to other unusual events in Finland, such as world championships in air guitar, swamp soccer, and wife carrying — Finnish ways of goofing around and making the most of the long summer nights in these northern latitudes.

"We have such dark and long winters," said Mari Karjalainen, one of the founders of the event. "This really gives us lots of time to plan for our short summers and come up with silly ideas."

Thursday's competition saw participants from nine countries, including the United States, Japan, and Russia, put on inspired performances full of theatrics, passion and drama and the jury struggled to agree upon a winner.

Finally, it was a Japanese performance by the five-person Giga Body Metal team that clinched the title with a show featuring crazy sumo wrestlers and a man dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono.

"It's a great release," said Elise Schut, a 35-year-old nurse from Michigan who performed with her 71-year-old mother and 64-year-old family friend, Beth Everson, who added that "knitting is such a meditative activity but now it's energetic and heart pumping."

After the success and fun of this first championship, the organizers announced they would repeat it next summer, adding Heavy Metal Knitting to the already long list of weird and yet hilarious Finland summer gatherings.


FISHKILL, N.Y. - A woman who ordered nachos from a Taco Bell on the Fourth of July got a little more than she could handle in her food.

Eve Saint, of Fishkill, New York, shared a photo on Facebook that night claiming the fast-food joint left a "doorknob" in her nachos. The photo showed what looked like a handle covered in cheese, sauce and bits of meat.

Some comments stated the photo looked fake, but Saint said she'd waited in "the drive through for 45 mins and I'm the only one who got a door knob."

Saint said she later found out the item was a handle from a nacho cheese pump that somehow made its way into her food.

When Saint tried to complain to Taco Bell, she was told that couldn't happen and was hung up on. It took her several tries before she was able to get someone who took her claim seriously.

In a statement, Taco Bell said it was investigating the incident.

"We take this very seriously. The franchisee that owns and operates this location is looking into this matter and strives to make things right with the customer," it said.


Two city workers in Detroit, Mich., were reportedly injured on Wednesday after firecrackers exploded when they tried to use the toilet in a bizarre "prank gone bad."

The employees, with the city's General Services Department, were in the fire department's storage area and truck repair shop when the incident occurred, according to the Detroit Metro Times.

One person was hospitalized with injuries to his leg and scrotum. The extent of the second person's injuries was not immediately clear.

Deputy Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell described the situation to the Times as a "prank" that ended badly, while Mike Nevin, president of the Detroit Fire Fighters Association said, "This is an absolute embarrassment."

City officials on Wednesday didn't know who placed the firecrackers underneath the toilets. Nevin cleared his association members of any wrongdoing.

The Detroit Police Department — which is said to be investigating — did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment.


(YAHOO) A Michigan couple's wedding celebrated not only their own love — but also their love for Donald Trump.

Jeff and Audra Johnson got married in Kalamazoo, Mich. on July 4 in a "Make America Great Again"-themed ceremony.

According to Fox 17 West Michigan, the Johnsons went all out, sparing no detail for the event, and made sure they had everything from MAGA hats for their guests to "don't tread on me" cufflinks for the groomsmen.

"It looked like America threw up all over my wedding," Johnson told the channel. "And I'm not sorry."

The bride's wedding dress, which was a custom-designed original, took the spotlight. She thanked the fashion designer in an Instagram post which showed off the bold red letters down the front of her dress.

"The dress is actually an Andre Soriano original," Johnson told Fox 17. "It's actually made out of a MAGA flag."

Her dress wasn't the only thing that got attention. The bride also posted an image of her American flag nails and wedding ring on Instagram, tagging "party like it's 1776," which is the year the Declaration of Independence was issued.

According to Fox 17, each reception table at the event housed a petition for an anti-abortion bill for guests to sign.

Audra told the station that she hasn't always been a politically inclined person, and was inspired when Donald Trump took office and "came out and said it's OK to love your country," and "it's OK to put the people in your country first and to not be politically correct."

The West Michigan station also reports that even though the wedding was MAGA-themed, the couple welcomed everyone — the bride's maid-of-honor was a Democrat.

"We were gonna do our photos with the Trump hats and she said, 'You know I love you, but I can't wear the Trump hat,'" Johnson told them. "I said, 'It's OK. It's OK. Just wear a red hat. We still love you. We can have completely different opinions about everything and still love each other."

However, not everyone was happy with the theme. The groom's father refused to attend, and texted the couple "As long as you support that racist in the White House, I won't be attending your wedding," according to Fox 17.

The bride added to the station that her own brother disowned her for her strong beliefs, but she's happy about the attention the wedding and her opinions are getting. "If they're talking about it you're at least getting them to think about it," she told Fox 17.

Audra and Jeff did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle's requests for comment.


A Colorado corrections officer was fired after he allegedly brought a burrito — not full of rice or beans, but stuffed with drugs — into a state prison facility.

Trevor Martineau, 27, was arrested on July 2 at the Buena Vista Correctional Facility in Buena Vista following a multi-agency investigation, the Department of Corrections confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday.

An inmate at the facility told investigators in late May that an employee was smuggling illegal drugs into the facility, KDVR reported, citing an affidavit of probable cause. Martineau allegedly told officials that he had drugs in his lunch bag.

When they examined the bag, investigators reportedly found a burrito with a plastic bag sticking out of the end. Inside the burrito, officials allegedly found "roughly 91 grams of meth, 26 grams of heroin and 46 strips of suboxone" — in addition to "10 strips of buprenorphine naloxone, marijuana wax and six small thumb drives."

Martineau allegedly admitted he was paid $1,000 to pick up the drugs. Authorities said they found $960 of that at his house.

"I recently hired a new Inspector General, and I have tasked her and her team with the responsibility to aggressively pursue all criminal matters that occur inside the prison system, no matter the source," Dean Williams, the executive director of the Department of Corrections, said in a statement. "Our IG's Office helps us ensure our internal house is in order, and that our facilities are kept safe by rooting out any alleged illegal activity. I am very proud of the work our staff did to bring this case forward. "

Martineau is charged with first-degree introduction of contraband and three charges of unlawful possession of a controlled substance. He was also charged with one count each of unlawful distribution of meth, heroin and Suboxone.


A mother was arrested for having her two daughters ride in an inflatable pool on the top of her car, police said.

A concerned citizen called police on Tuesday after seeing children on top of a moving vehicle in Dixon, Illinois, and officers conducted a traffic stop to speak to the driver, who was driving a white Audi Q5.

Jennifer A. Janus Yeager, 49, was arrested on two counts of endangering the health or life of a child and two counts of reckless conduct, Dixon police said.

"During the course of the investigation it was learned that Yeager drove into town to inflate the pool at a friends' house and had her two juvenile daughters ride inside of the empty pool to hold it down on their drive home," police said.

Yeager was taken to the Dixon Police Department and posted bond.

Dixon police later tweeted an image of the SUV with the pool, saying, "Having your children sit in an inflatable pool on top of your car while driving will get you arrested."

There is no number listed for Yeager through public records and it is unclear whether she has a lawyer.


File this next occurrence under a failed attempt at ingenuity.

A driver in New York City unsuccessfully used a dummy to ride in the carpool lane and was eventually busted by cops.

According to a tweet by the NYPD Highway Patrol, the motorist was stopped and subsequently issued a ticket for driving in the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane in Brooklyn with a homemade dummy in the backseat.

The epic fail is even more hilarious thanks to the NYPD providing a photo of the dummy.

The backseat "passenger" was dressed in a bright orange long-sleeved sweatshirt with the hoodie pulled up over its "head", long black pants, a dark hat and dark sunglasses.

Best of all? It was wearing a seatbelt.

However, needless to say, it was not dressed for the high temperatures the New York City metro region has been experiencing recently, which begs the question: was the fashion faux pas what gave it all away?