Mad Minute

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Hundreds of beer can collectors are heading to New Mexico for a “CANvention.”

The Albuquerque Journal reports the Brewery Collectibles Club of America is scheduled Thursday to start celebrating different types of beer cans at their three-day national gathering at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

The club says the event attracts collectors from around the world who trade, buy and sell vintage and craft beer cans. It is a chance for those attending to sample beer from local Albuquerque brewers.

The gathering began in 1969 after collector Denver Wright, Jr. put an ad in a St. Louis newspaper asking anyone who collected beer cans to contact him.

Six collectors responded and they held an event in Denver months later.


SUGAR LAND, Texas (AP) — Police in suburban Houston are looking for a woman who used a power tool to break into a Botox clinic and steal anti-aging products.

Sugar Land police say surveillance cameras captured the burglary Friday night at the Botox RN MD Spa.

The footage shows a woman approaching the locked door of the spa and trying unsuccessfully to open it. She then retrieves a battery-powered grinding saw from a light-colored Mercedes SUV and uses it to cut into the clinic's front door.

Authorities say the woman stole an undisclosed amount of products from the clinic before driving away. Anyone with information is asked to contact Sugar Land police.


HONOLULU (AP) — Antonio de la Rosa doesn't take it easy on his vacations. The Spaniard spent his summer paddling his way from California across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii.

It took de la Rosa, who is from Valladolid, Spain, 76 days to paddle 2,500 miles (4,023 kilometers) while standing on a submarine-shaped craft he described as a paddleboat. The 21-foot-long (6.4-meter-long) vessel endured rough weather, including when Hurricane Flossie passed within 60 miles (200 kilometers).

He ate dehydrated food, using heated water, and sometimes fished. He paddled eight-to-10 hours daily and slept every night. But he was always tired because he woke up hourly to check on his gear.

It's the kind of adventure, he loves. "I like it because it's hard," he said in Spanish on Monday from Honolulu.

His past adventure-vacations have included circumnavigating the 2,175 miles (3,500 kilometers) of the Iberian Peninsula coastline by paddle-surfing for 141 days and crossing Alaska's Iditarod route for eight days on a bicycle with oversized tires made for snow and ice, according to his website .

He celebrated his 50th birthday at sea, his sister Vanesa de la Rosa explained from Spain. The siblings run an adventure tourism business in Madrid and a small hotel for athletes.

He said he was disappointed to see fishing gear refuse every day of his voyage — including nets and line

He used a tracking device to record every minute of his journey and called it a record because he believes no one has ever done what he accomplished. It's a record because "I certify it," he said with a laugh.


ROCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire woman is fighting the state Department of Motor Vehicles over her 15-year-old vanity license plate showing a common parental phrase. reports Wendy Auger, of Rochester, has been asked to surrender the plate, which reads "PB4WEGO." The state says phrases related to excretory acts aren't permitted.

Auger's appealing. She asked: "Who has a mom or dad or parental figure who hasn't said that to kids before leaving the house?"

She's one of 92 New Hampshire drivers who received vanity plate recall letters this year. State records show there are 152,028 vanity plates on the road in New Hampshire.

A DMV spokesperson said plates must be rejected "when they do not conform to legal requirements." The spokesperson said the state cannot comment on the specifics of Auger's case.


(FOX) Police say a man in Washington reported his truck was stolen — as he happened to be nearby allegedly robbing a store himself.

William Kelley called authorities on Sunday around 6 a.m. to report that he left his keys on the seat of his red 1992 Chevrolet pickup truck in Kennewick, a city roughly 140 miles southwest of Spokane, and "someone just stole it."

Kelley said he saw a man riding a bicycle who "discovered the keys and then threw his back bike in the bed of the truck and fled," according to a Facebook post from the Kennewick Police Department.

When authorities investigated surveillance video from the area, they noticed a "new fact" — that Kelley "was at the location because he was stealing items from a business across the street."

Kelley was booked into the county jail on a warrant and was charged with burglary for his alleged offense.

The department asks that anyone with information about the whereabouts of Kelley's truck call 509-628-0333, and reference case number 19-33651.


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico woman is facing charges after authorities say she robbed stores while wearing a fake beard.

Court documents show that Tamala Cole was arrested Thursday following heists at the Nothing Bundt Cake store and a Boba Tea cafe in Albuquerque. In each case, police say the 51-year-old year Cole demanded money while holding a gun and wearing a "black beanie style hat" and a fake brown beard.

Investigators say Cole also is suspected of robbing a Subway and the religious goods store FaithWorks.

Police say Cole was tracked down through caller ID after she called the tea shop moments before the robbery and asked for her mother.

She is facing seven counts of robbery.

It was not known if she had an attorney.


(FOX) Authorities in Colorado are alerting the public after radioactive equipment was stolen from a temporary construction site at a college campus and a reward is being offered for information leading to its return.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said that the portable moisture-density gauge containing sealed sources of radioactive material was discovered missing from the site at the Colorado School of Mines campus at 7:30 a.m. on Monday.

The gauge was stored in a metal container, which is yellow with Department of Transportation approved radioactive materials labels on it.

The agency released images that are similar to the gauge and case reported stolen.

The stolen gauge contains small amounts of cesium-137 and americium-241, and is used to make measurements by projecting the radiation from the two radioactive sources into the ground and then providing a measurement on the top face of the instrument.

"As long as the radioactive sources are in the shielded position, the gauge would not present a hazard to the public," the agency states. "However, any attempt to tamper with the radioactive sources or handle unshielded sources outside their container could subject the person handling to radiation exposure."

When the gauge isn't being used, the handle protruding from the top is normally locked with the source in the retracted, shielded position.

The company that was using the gauge at the time, Ninyo & Moore, is offering a reward of $500 for information leading to the safe return of the item.

Anyone who may have seen or be in possession of the stolen gauge is asked to leave it alone and report its location to the Colorado School of Mines police at 303-384-2400, option 2; the Ninyo & Moore radiation safety officer at 303-579-2947; or Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment 24-hour radioactive materials response line at 303-877-9757.


(FOX) A former Macy's employee is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the store in a Pennsylvania mall, then hiding in a ceiling of the store for hours, according to police.

Nicholas Redmond of Philadelphia was arrested on Sunday around 4:30 a.m. after police were called to the Macy's in the King of Prussia Mall. There were reports of a suspicious person inside the closed store, according to the Upper Merion Police Department.

Police said the caller was a regional security representative for Macy's.

Officers conducted an extensive search that included K9s and two other police departments, according to the release.

"After almost five and half hours, patrol officers from Upper Merion located the suspect hiding in the ceiling of the first floor," police said, adding that Redmond had over $7,000 dollars in cash taken from the store's cash registers.

"The officers were very shocked, they had gotten information of some odd entryways into the ceiling area, and once they got up there, I think even though at that point there was still a possibility that he was up there, they just couldn't believe somebody had gone up to that length to hide from them," Upper Merion Township Police Lt. Brendan Brazunas said, as WPVI-TV reported.

Redmond was an employee at the Macy's, according to police.

Redmond later admitted he'd stolen cash two other times this month for a total haul of over $12,000, investigators said.


LAS VEGAS, N.M. (AP) — A northern New Mexico man is facing charges after he was accused of committing a cold crime on a hot day: an ice cream heist.

The Las Vegas Optic in New Mexico reports authorities say 31-year-old Paul Trujillo was arrested last week after he was one of two men who entered a walk-in freezer at a Dairy Queen store and stole 22 boxes of Dilly Bars.

Police say the July 29 footage shows Trujillo walking up to the freezer following a stakeout. The second man has not been identified.

Trujillo was charged with felony commercial burglary and misdemeanor larceny.

It was not known if he had an attorney.


Aug. 27 (UPI) -- A California boy's family threw him a fourth birthday party at his favorite place -- the local Costco Warehouse store.

Armando Martinez, 4, who has his own Instagram page documenting his love for Costco, had a birthday party themed after his favorite place at the wholesale store's location in Norwalk.

The store shut down its food court for the party, which featured the boy being presented with his own Costco hat and a special badge.

Party-goers were presented with honorary "membership cards" at the event.

"He is obsessed with Costco," the boy's aunt, Miriam Zakaria, told KABC-TV.