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HOUSTON (AP) — Houston police say some people who went into an abandoned home to smoke marijuana found a caged tiger.

They called the city on Monday and the major offender animal cruelty unit and animal shelter volunteers arrived on the scene. Authorities nicknamed the tiger “Tyson” after the movie “The Hangover.”

Officials tell KHOU-TV the tiger was well fed, but the cage was secured by a nylon strap and screwdriver. Officials say it could easily open and the tiger could have gone on a “rampage.”

The tiger was taken to an animal shelter, then it was transferred to an animal sanctuary in Texas on Tuesday.

It’s legal to own a tiger in Texas if the owner has a wild game permit. But it is illegal to have a tiger in Houston.


JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (AP) — A purse containing a prom invitation, photos and other items from 1950s America will be returned to its now 82-year-old owner after workers found it while demolishing part of an Indiana high school.

Martha Everett lost the black stitched purse more than six decades ago. Workers found it in January behind science classroom cabinets in the old Jeffersonville High School, where Everett was a senior in 1955.

Greater Clark County Schools spokeswoman Erin Bojorquez says the district was able to track Everett "thanks to the power of social media" after one of her relatives saw a Facebook post about the purse . The district plans to mail the purse to Everett's home in Florida.

The News and Tribune reports it contained a wallet, a letter inviting her to the prom, lipstick, photos and Juicy Fruit gum wrappers.


CHESAPEAKE, Va. (AP) — A Virginia city's penalty of jail time for teenage trick-or-treaters has scared up some ridicule and a possible policy change.

The Chesapeake City Council is set to vote Tuesday on an amendment to a 50-year-old law that threatens teens with up to six months in jail if they go door-to-door in pursuit of candy on Oct. 31.

The Virginian-Pilot reports no teens have ever actually been arrested under the ordinance. But it made news last Halloween, ending up parodied on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Mayor Rick West says the town's sudden infamy left him sleepless.

The amendment would eliminate the jail penalty. Trick-or-treating past the age of 12 instead would carry fines of up to $250, as would violating the 8 p.m. curfew. The proposed policy mirrors that of neighboring cities.


PHOENIX (AP) — Thousands of dollars found inside a donated book has been returned to the former owner.

KPNX-TV reports that volunteer Cathy McAllister was sorting books for a charity book sale in Phoenix last weekend when she found $4,000 in a chamber cut inside "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire."

The station says she initially thought the $100 bills were Monopoly money.

McAllister said the former owner also left a letter and an address label inside the book. The man's family was contacted and the money returned.

McAllister said the man's daughter asked him whether he'd done the same thing with other books. McAllister said she suspects the family went home and opened up every other book in the bookcase.


PEABODY, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts man authorities say caught a tuna out of season and then dumped the headless, 400-pound carcass in the woods has been placed on probation after pleading guilty to related charges.

The Salem News reports that Harold Wentworth, of Gloucester, pleaded guilty on Monday to littering from a vehicle, improper disposal of waste and driving after license suspension. He was sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

During the hearing, Wentworth's attorney disclosed that federal fisheries regulators have already fined his client $15,000.

The bluefin tuna worth an estimated $10,000 was found in the woods of Gloucester in October 2017. A tow truck was needed to haul it out of the trees.

Prosecutors say as a commercial fisherman, Wentworth knew the rules.


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Here's a new thing keeping Austin weird: Stinky tap water caused by rotting zebra mussels.

Residents in some parts of Texas' capital city this week reported foul-smelling water. City officials identified the source as a massive infestation of the fingernail-sized mollusks inside a water treatment plant pipe that had been turned off for about two weeks.

That gave the mussels enough time to infest the pipe in massive numbers. When the pipe was put back on line, a chemical normally used to control the mussel population flushed through and wiped out the colony, leaving the mussels to decay.

Austin Water officials said the water was still safe to drink because of constant disinfection measures within the system. City officials pumped in powdered activated carbon to absorb the smell.


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) — Authorities in South Carolina are searching for a man accused of using a fake $100 bill to buy doughnuts at a shop in Myrtle Beach.

The Sun News reports police say the man ordered six doughnuts in the Donut Man drive-thru and handed the cashier a bill that read "for motion picture use only." A police report says the man fled without his change when the cashier turned away to inspect the cash.

Police say there are no surveillance cameras in the drive-thru area. Officers were told the man fled in a white Nissan Altima that had a state license plate and a broken trunk that flapped open and closed as he sped off.


(FOX) A New Jersey woman who was arrested for alleged burglary showed how she really felt about her arrest in her mugshot.

Shana Hilsman, of Old Bridge, was photographed with two middle fingers up after she was arrested for allegedly breaking into cars, the Spotswood Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

Investigators said that over the past few months, "numerous reports of burglaries and attempted burglaries into vehicles" were made in the central New Jersey town.

A nearby resident caught a female suspect on surveillance video trying to break into their vehicle on two separate dates in January, police said.

On Feb. 1, an officer "observed Hilsman with the same distinguishable clothing" walking toward a driveway in the area. She "was found to be in possession of numerous burglary tools, including a screw driver, hammer and the same flashlight seen on the surveillance videos."

Hilsman was taken into custody for burglary, criminal trespass and possession of burglary tools, according to police. She was transported to a correctional facility and a court date is pending.


(FOX) Authorities in Tennessee are investigating after a video surfaced online of a driver doing doughnuts in the middle of a highway, reportedly backing up traffic for miles.

The video, which shows one car driving in circles on Interstate 24 in Nashville, was posted to Facebook by Ricardo Suarez on Saturday. He told Fox affiliate WZTV he was heading home when he spotted smoke and began to film.

"The highway's blocked and I saw the car doing doughnuts and I started recording," Suarez said. "It looked fun from my view from the top of the bridge, but it's dangerous down there you know."

Witnesses told the news station the event was a meetup of car enthusiasts who gather to show off their vehicles. The interstate appeared to be backed up for miles.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department told Fox News on Tuesday that they, along with several other agencies including the Tennessee Highway Patrol, are actively investigating the incident.


(FOX) A polar bear invasion is terrorizing Russians on a remote Arctic island with more than 50 beasts besieging one town.

A state of emergency has been declared on Soviet nuclear testing archipelago Novaya Zemlya as the beasts enter the front doors of apartment blocks.

Despite the siege, residents have been warned they face prosecution is they shoot the endangered species.

People are "afraid to go outside" and "daily life is in turmoil", said deputy head of local administration, Aleksandr Minayev.

He said: "Parents are wary of letting children go to schools and kindergartens."

"There are cases of aggressive behavior of wild animals, such as attacks on people and entering into residential and office buildings."

The invasion has left people "fearful" and is the worst case of wild animal invasions this island has ever seen.

The focus is the town of Belushya Guba where 52 polar bears have been counted scavenging for food in local dumps and wandering around the settlement.

Many of the residents of this bleak outpost are Russian military personnel.

Head of the local administration, Zigansha Musin, said: "I have been in Novaya Zemlya since 1983, yet I've never seen such a massive polar bear invasion."

He warned the animals are "literally chasing people and even entering the entrances of residential buildings."

Despite this, some go outside even when the bears are a few feet away.

The beasts have lost their fear of people, and are no longer afraid of shots being fired into the air, sounding car horns, reported The Siberian Times.

The species are endangered and instead, a team of specialists has been dispatched to the outpost to give advice to residents on other measures to discourage the bears.

Teachers have pleaded for security measures to protect pupils.

The bears come and go but there are always at least "six or ten" prowling the apartment blocks, said Minayev.

Resident Anastasia Bondarenko has moved out but she said the bears were no longer threatened by humans.

She said: "There are no more enemies….they became insolent. This is scary.

"When they walk under your window at night, it is creepy."

The town's population is just under 2,000 people and it's the main permanent settlement on Novaya Zemlya.

The archipelago in the Arctic was used by the USSR for nuclear tests.

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