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COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — While most of the candidates for Denmark’s general election are making good use of the internet, posting their promises on websites and social media, one has gone a step further.

Joachim B. Olsen, an Olympic shot put silver medalist who has been a member of the Folketing for the center-right Liberal Alliance since 2011 placed an ad bearing the party logo and encouraging people to vote for him on one of the world’s top adult websites, Pornhub.

On his official Facebook profile, Olsen confirmed that he was responsible for the ad: “Yes, it’s me on Pornhub.

Olsen told Denmark’s B.T. newspaper Sunday that “election campaigns are serious ... but there must also be some humor.”

The June 5 elections are being held on schedule at the end of the parliament’s four-year term.


The artsy Southern California city of Ojai is so safe that a single attempt by teens to steal beer accounted for the majority of its violent crimes last year.

Sheriff's Capt. James Fryhoff tells the Ventura County Star that "a beer run that went bad" accounted for four of the six crimes.

The teens allegedly went into a gas station mart to steal beer and used a skateboard to beat an employee who confronted them and hit a witness who called 911.

That tallied up as two robberies and two assaults with a deadly weapon.

Fryhoff serves as police chief of Ojai, a community of just under 7,700 residents in a scenic valley northwest of Los Angeles.

It's best known for galleries, boutiques and outdoor recreation that draw tourists.


It was an unusual sight in Midtown as police responded to a massive, seemingly abandoned safe on the corner of 5th Avenue and 47th Friday morning after a 911 call reported it as suspicious.

It turns out the 4,000 pound safe was being transported, but because of parking restrictions it was left on the corner, according to its owner, Mike.

The safe's owner was at the scene and said he was transporting the massive safe, something he does regularly. However, because of parking restrictions on parking at 47th Street the trucksometimes unloads and loads its contents on the corner because they don't want to get a ticket.

The call prompted such a police response that even the Emergency Service Unit was also on scene to open the safe, according to police sources.

Nothing was in the safe, which prompted quite a response when it randomly appeared on a Midtown street corner, according to video posted on the Citizen app.(Published Friday, May 10, 2019)

The initial 911 call said it was smoking and sparking, but authorities said there was no evidence of any explosives. However, as a precaution they are opened the safe and found it empty.

Police sources say it is possible the person that called was angry that the safe was left on the corner.

Citizen App video shows authorities taping off the immediate area surrounding the safe as they tried to make sense of what was taking place and what exactly was inside the safe that was as high as a full-grown adult.

The area where the safe was found is known as the "Diamond District" — a portion of midtown populated by jewelry stores.


(FOX) It wasn't quite "hot wheels," but a 92-year-old man in Australia was captured on video Friday taking his motorized scooter onto a busy freeway as a concerned motorist tried to prevent other cars from crashing into him.

The incident happened along the Monash Freeway in the suburbs of Melbourne as motorist Bruce Bromley was entering the highway.

Bromley posted a dashcam video to Facebook as the scooter can be seen going down an entrance ramp and into travel lanes.

"Move over. You're on the freeway, you're not supposed to be on the freeway," Bromley can be heard telling the driver in the video.

The elderly man then responds angrily, yelling back at him before continuing to drive along the freeway, frequently switching between the travel lane and shoulder.

"I just told him to try and pull over and he told me to 'f--- off,'" Bruce told a police operator in the video.

After driving behind the man with his hazard lights on, a police patrol car eventually pulled up alongside the man to bring him to a stop.

Victoria Police told 9NEWS in a statement on Friday the 92-year-old man had attempted to merge into traffic in a 60 mph speed zone.

"Police quickly arrived and spoke to the Glen Waverley man and determined he had been reported missing a short time earlier by family members," police told 9NEWS. "He was taken to Glen Waverley Police Station where he was reunited with his family."


This method of training to become a better basketball player is a slam dunk – for landing in jail.

Jordon Anderson, a 29-year-old Florida resident, was arrested Sunday after police allegedly found him shooting hoops in the nude at an Orlando-area park.

"Jordan stated he was working on his basketball skills and he feels playing naked enhances his skill level," reads a Longwood Police Department arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Investigators say they asked Anderson to put his clothes back on and he complied.

Police charged Anderson with indecent exposure of sexual organs – a misdemeanor – and transported him to a local jail with a bond set at $500.


A Utah millionaire is hoping a series of billboards will help him find love -- but he's not looking for a gold-digger.

The billboards, advertising "LDS Millionaire looking for his wife" went up 10 days ago and have already attracted nearly a thousand applications from around the world.

"We have ten billboards across I-15 from Utah County to North Salt Lake," matchmaker Amy Steven Seal told KSL TV. "And it's working." However Seal also warns that the mysterious millionaire is not looking for a gold-digger, despite the ads advertising his wealth.

Seal's company, The LDS Matchmaker, is behind the ads. For now, the man's identity is being kept secret, but Seal did let a few things slip. She said he's between 31-45 years old, he's 6'1 and is "tall, dark and handsome."

Seal's company is accepting applications through May 31. She tells KSL TV from there they will narrow down the candidates through video interviews and will choose 20 women to attend a private dinner event June 7.

Read more on the mystery man's search for love here.


May 13 (UPI) -- A small monkey that escaped his owner's Florida home has been safely returned after being found at a construction site.

The owner of Donnotto, a capuchin monkey that fled his owner's home in Zephyrhills, Pasco County, last week, was found days later at a construction site about two miles from the home.

The owner told WTSP-TV that Donnotto "made himself comfortable" with one of the construction workers, allowing the worker to safely capture him.

The monkey has been living with his owner for about two years and had never escaped previously.


BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel's government plane has been grounded by an excited fan who jumped out of her van to take a photo of it at Dortmund airport but forgot to put the parking brake on, and the vehicle rolled slowly into the nose of the jet.

Germany's Spiegel Online posted a picture Tuesday of the low-speed collision with the Global 5000 jet and reported that the van driver was an employee of the airport.

The German air force confirmed in a tweet that Merkel returned to Berlin by helicopter Monday after her plane was damaged by a vehicle, but didn't provide further details.

The accident is a headache the air force doesn't need, after a string of highly publicized breakdowns of the aging government fleet causing delays for Merkel and others.


(FOX) A man was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, on Monday after he allegedly was driving a stolen box truck with stolen caskets inside, according to Florida Highway Patrol.

Troopers got a call from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on Monday morning asking them to be on the lookout for a Ryder truck that was reported stolen from a Jacksonville casket company, Sgt. Dylan Bryan with the Florida Highway Patrol told Fox News.

Troopers spotted the truck and tried to stop it but the driver took off, according to Bryan.

He said for about 25 miles, the suspect, now identified as David Ayers, 39, led troopers on a chase on Interstate 295. Bryan said Ayers was driving below the speed limit, going around 55-60 mph the entire time.

"He was not driving in an erratic manner," Bryan said.

He told Fox News the pursuit ended before noon on Monday after the truck finally got off the interstate onto Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and encountered a red light. Troopers then were able to "quickly arrest" Ayers.

The troopers searched the truck and found three caskets inside as well as burglary tools, Bryan said.

"At first I was shocked to see the caskets because obviously when you think caskets, you think of someone's loved one," Bryan said, adding that troopers "wanted to be respectful with those items" and "didn't know what to expect."

Bryan said he "never encountered this before in his 24 years of state service."

He added, "Where the scene was, was actually two blocks from a funeral home so I walked down to the funeral home to obtain a funeral key, a tool to unlock and open funeral caskets."

Bryan said he then went back to the scene with the key and when troopers opened the caskets they were relieved to find that they were empty.

Bryan said a payment system for a car wash vacuum and the actual vacuums were found in the truck as well. He said it appeared Ayers "ripped out car wash vacuum machines out of the car wash to get the money out."

"There could be anywhere from 20 bucks to several hundred bucks in quarters in those machines, depending on how often the owner will empty out those coins," Bryan added.

He also said Ayers had some prior contact with law enforcement and that his driver's license was suspended.

Ayers has been charged with auto theft, fleeing and eluding an officer, and driving while license suspended or revoked. Bryan said he also had two outstanding warrants, at least one from out of state, but did not elaborate.


(UPI) A Florida city is adding an unusual class to its line-up of summer activities -- a "mermaid" swimming class for kids.

Cassie Courchesne, a lifeguard and swim instructor with the City of Palm Coast, will be teaching the four-week Saturday class with sessions in June and July for Palm Coast Parks & Recreation.

"I wanted to start the mermaid class to make the dreams of little boys and girls come true all over Palm Coast," Courchesne told WKMG-TV. "Putting on this tail and swimming gracefully through the water allows you to enter a world of fun imagination, and that is so important for children to have."

Courchesne said kids will learn various techniques to swim with mermaid tails, which must be provided by their families. Participants must first demonstrate the ability to swim 50 yards without assistance and float on their backs.

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