Mad Minute

MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania couple who police say went on a spending spree after a bank accidentally deposited $120,000 into their account are headed to trial.

State police tell the Williamsport Sun-Gazette that Robert and Tiffany Williams, of Montoursville, spent most of the money on items like an SUV, a race car, two four-wheelers, and a camper. Police say the couple also paid bills and gave friends $15,000.

BB&T bank contacted the couple June 20 after realizing the error, telling the couple they were responsible for returning the funds. After they failed to repay the money, the bank took legal action.

The couple faces felony theft charges.

As they arrived at court Monday, Robert Williams told WNEP-TV they “took some bad legal advice” and “it probably wasn’t the best thing in the end.”

No trial date was set.


BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts man has posted a video online that appears to show the driver of a Tesla sleeping as the car speeds along a highway.

Teslas have an autopilot function, but the company says drivers are expected to remain alert.

Dakota Randall took a video Sunday that shows the driver's head down. Randall said the car was a Tesla. In the passenger's seat, another person appears to be sleeping.

The video was shot on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton.

Randall says the car was traveling 55 to 60 mph, and he honked to try to wake the driver.

He did not call police. State police say they're aware of the video.

A Tesla spokesperson says the driver-monitoring system repeatedly reminds drivers to remain engaged and prohibits the use of autopilot when warnings are ignored.


FARMINGTON, Mo. (AP) — Don't try telling Marilyn and Jimmie Lovelace that lightning doesn't strike twice, not after the Missouri couple won a big Lottery prize for the second time — and narrowly missed out on a second multi-million dollar payout.

The Missouri Lottery says the Farmington couple matched four of five white-ball numbers drawn, plus the Powerball, in the Sept. 4 Powerball drawing. That earned them a $50,000 prize.

The same couple won a $3.7 million Lotto jackpot prize in 2007.

In the latest win, Jimmie Lovelace bought his ticket at a County Mart store in Farmington.

The winning numbers for the Sept. 4 drawing were 4, 8, 30, 52, 59, and the Powerball was 2. Lovelace missed out only on the number 8.

Wednesday's Powerball jackpot is estimated at $50 million.


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) — A Florida school district says an unusual passenger was found in a student's backpack.

In a Facebook post, Bay County School District officials say they found a bearded dragon in the middle school student's backpack Monday.

The school says they put the reptile in a box until an adult could take him home. The student said they brought the lizard, named Jango, to school because they didn't want him to be sad home alone all day.

The school reminded parents to check their children's backpacks before sending them out the door.


CHICAGO (AP) — A former personal injury attorney in Chicago who created a cape-wearing character to drum up business has been sentenced to three years in prison for a scheme in which he kept secret from clients' settlements he'd reached and pocketed the money.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Jordan Margolis was sentenced on Monday by a Cook County, nine months after he pleaded guilty to one count of theft as part of plea agreement in which prosecutors agreed to drop more than two dozen counts of theft, forgery and other charges.

To advertise his services, Margolis donned a shiny blue bodysuit, orange skullcap and cape, purple bandit mask and called himself "Excuseman" as he joked about people who "mess up and don't fess up."


Police are on the hunt for an alleged soap thief who made a "clean" getaway after stealing 30 bars of soap from a New York City store and sprayed store employees with an unknown substance.

According to the NYPD, the incident took place Aug. 20 around 4 p.m. at a Family Dollar store on Boston Road in the Morrisania section of the Bronx.

The man allegedly placed 30 bars of soap inside of a shopping basket and tried to walk out of the location without paying for the items.

Police say he sprayed two male employees with an unknown substance when they tried to prevent him from leaving the store. He ultimately managed to flee.

Police describe the man as 40 to 50 years old, with a beard and hair in a ponytail. He was last seen wearing a red shirt, black shorts and black sneakers.

Authorities urge anyone with information to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA. Tips can also be submitted at


(FOX) A man in Pennsylvania was living a nightmare early Monday after he fell asleep inside a dumpster and woke up screaming inside a garbage truck, officials said.

The unidentified man told police he had gotten separated from a friend the night before and needed a place to go to sleep, choosing the nearby dumpster, Pittsburgh Public Safety Officer Cara Cruz said in a statement.

A driver with Republic Services was emptying a garbage container into the back of his truck around 3:30 a.m. when he heard a man's screams growing louder, Cruz said.

The driver told police he left the truck and opened a sliding door in the rear when he discovered the man. Unable to get the man out himself, he called police for help.

Pittsburgh firefighters eventually pulled the unidentified man from the back of the truck, Cruz said.

The man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries to his face and knee.


Police say a Connecticut woman decided to make it a double, getting arrested twice – within hours – for alleged drunk driving.

Ellen Needleman-O'Neill, 64, was first taken into custody Saturday afternoon, after police say she drove drunk around a parking lot and hit a parked car, WVIT reported.

O'Neill, from Wilton, a city roughly 55 miles northeast of New York City, was charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance after cops said her blood alcohol content was registered at close to .23 – nearly triple the legal limit – and codeine pills were discovered in her bag. She was released on a written promise to appear at a future hearing.

But roughly eight hours later, O'Neill was again pulled over after leaving a liquor store. This time, police say her blood alcohol level was reportedly .09, which is still more than the legal limit.

O'Neill was again charged with DUI, operating a motor vehicle while the right to drive is revoked, having an unregistered motor vehicle and driving without a license following her second arrest, officials said.

The 64-year-old posted $230 bond and was released. She's scheduled to appear in court Sept. 17.


(FOX) A Canadian man may be the ultimate copycat criminal after police say he broke into a building and photocopied his face — and then left a senseless selfie behind.

Gary Lambe, 54, allegedly broke into a commercial property in Toronto on Aug. 23, ate "some food items leaving the remains behind" and then left — but not before the Goldilocks-like crook made a facsimile of his face.

Investigators released the photo to the public and asked for help identifying the suspect. Lambe was arrested in connection to the incident on Aug. 31 while already in custody for an unrelated issue, the Toronto Police Service said in a news release last week.

Lambe has been charged with breaking and entering and failure to comply with probation.


(FOX) Seemingly "drunk" raccoons have been stumbling throughout a Canadian neighborhood in recent days — and the reason may surprise you.

Residents of Stittsville, a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario, have spotted the raccoons — which are nocturnal creatures — not acting like their usual selves.

"He couldn't really move," one resident, Emily Rodgers, told CBC News of a raccoon she saw on Sept. 2. "He was dragging his legs, he was wobbling, having a hard time standing up. You could tell something was wrong with him for sure."

The day before, another resident, Julie Fong, said a local officer requested permission to enter her backyard, as there had been concern about a raccoon in the area that seemed drunk.

"So that's why this guy was kind of sleeping it off under our deck. There was a drunk raccoon under our deck," Fong said, adding her husband saw the creature earlier that day. "He said it was sort of stumbling along, just looking completely off, like somebody who may have had a few extra libations would be walking," she said.

According to experts, fermented fruit is most likely at fault.

Police officers in West Virginia last November kept getting called about "suspected rabid raccoons" that turned out "to be drunk on crab apples" — and it's not as unusual as it may seem.

It's possible for animals to get "drunk" off fermented berries and other food items. For instance, residents in a Minnesota city last fall called authorities with several reports of birds crashing into windows and ramming into cars. It turned out that the birds were inebriated; reportedly intoxicated by berries that had fermented sooner than usual due to an early frost.

Don Moore, associate director of the Smithsonian National Zoo, told National Geographic in 2015 he's witnessed the effects of animals eating fermented fruit. He said animals often get "sleepy" and "stumble-y" from it, and noted it's common in areas that grow apples.

Experts encourage anyone who spots a "drunk" raccoon, or other animals, to contact animal control.