Montana widow's benefits on hold as a result of government shutdown

Courtesy of GoFundMe

One Montana woman says her husband's death benefits from the Department of Agriculture are on hold because the office is closed for the government shutdown.

According to ABC Fox Montana, Peggy McChesney said her husband passed away on New Year's Eve. Now, she's not only mourning from his death, but she can't access his death benefits.

Her husband Curt dedicated 35 years as a public servant. He was a former smoke jumper and a fire management officer for the USDA in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

When she reached out to the Office of Personell Management to ask about the benefits, she couldn't get through because of the shutdown.

McChesney told Cooper she lives paycheck to paycheck because her husband underwent five surgeries in two years. 

A GoFundMe is set up for the McChesney family to help with the memorial. Click here for link

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