UPDATE: SEPT. 7 AT 8:45 P.M.

Shortly after noon, the Babbs Road Fire traveled south toward Malden destroying 80 percent of the town. 

The Whitman County Sheriff's Office said the fire was fueled by strong winds, timber and dry fields. 

Deputies arrived in town and started the evacuation process going door to door and making announcements on vehicle PA systems, notifying residents of the fire and the potential danger to life and property.

In the town, the Fire Station, Post Office, City Hall/Library and other prominent buildings have been completely burned to the ground.

The Whitman County Commissioners are expected to declare a State of Emergency Tuesday morning. 

Anyone affected or displaced by these devastating fires is urged to contact the American Red Cross for assistance with lodging, food and other necessities. The American Red Cross can be reached at 509-670-5331.


The town of Malden is destroyed after a fire ripped through the buildings. 

A Malden City Councilperson told KHQ that the emergency plan was to originally evacuate to the high school but now the residents are at the Baptist church. 

KHQ's Bradley Warren said the town looks like a war zone. 

People's ranches and livelihoods are all destroyed. 

Information will be updated as it is received.