Delta plane

Cropped Photo: Nicky Boogaard / CC BY 2.0

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WASHINGTON - Airlines have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, in an effort to keep passengers safe, a number of them have begun reducing food and drink options during flights.

For instance, Delta Airlines will no longer be serving alcohol during flights, as FOX6 first reported. Only bottled water will be available for beverages and there will be no plastic cups or ice. 

American Airlines scaled back food and beverage service back in April. This included limiting beverages to water, juice and canned options for flights less than 2,200 miles. They're also limiting capacity on each aircraft, only assigning the middle seat when necessary.

United Airlines is no longer offering ice, tea, coffee or poured alcohol and snack service is also limited. Passengers are still welcome to bring food onboard.

Alaska Airlines is recommending passengers pack their own food and refillable water bottles. There is no food or beverage service being offered on flights up to 350 miles. Longer flights will have limited food and beverage service.