A very special day for one Ferris High School graduate

Meet 21-year-old Blake Hagen and his parents Lisa and Brett, who have been with Blake through thick and thin. Growing up, Blake was diagnosed with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, as well as microcephaly; a condition that is present at birth in which the baby's head is much smaller than average for an infant of that age and gender.

Those conditions never stopped Blake from living his life. He loves sports and even had the chance to participate with his high school baseball team. However, a month ago Blake underwent a severe surgery.

"The miracle for Blake is that just shy a month ago ago, Blake had a massive possibly life-threatening to his spine to correct severe scoliosis," said Lisa Hager.

During the surgery, they had some complications and were at Seattle Children's Hospital for 18 days. They just got back a week ago after Blake was released from the hospital. "It's a journey we're not all the way out of the woods with his post-surgical complications," said Lisa "They're optimistic that his surgery will be full and complete, but it may take a few months."

On Sunday afternoon, Brett and Lisa Hagen got to see their boy Blake be the first one of his class to receive his diploma, with all of his classmates cheering him on.

"There has been a lot of people that have helped Blake get to 21. He kind of defied the odds I think medically to make it here, and there's just a whole village of doctors nurses occupational therapists physical therapists teachers who have been a big part and family and friends in this beautiful town of Spokane that have helped get Blake here today. So it's really a celebration of a pretty cool village to raise a kid," said Lisa.

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