Woman abducted at a Spokane supermarket, found along Highway 53 in Rathdrum; Three suspects arrested

Three Coeur d’Alene residents are in jail suspected of kidnapping a woman from a Spokane supermarket, binding her with duct tape and beating her near Rathdrum. Now new court documents describe exactly what happened, and they read like a nightmare.

Police say on Wednesday, November 25th, the 25-year-old victim, who is a mother of three and a self-admitted meth addict, says she was abducted from Broadway Foods in Spokane’s West Central Neighborhood on Wednesday and driven across the state line.

According to the victim, she was grabbed at Broadway Foods by a man and woman and forced into the back of a truck. She was driven to a home and left in the trunk, then driven somewhere else, where a second woman was picked up. The three suspects were later identified as 37-year-old Angela Frisby, 27-year-old Travis Anderson, and 19-year-old Lilly Johnson.

Woman abducted at a Spokane supermarket, found along Highway 53 in Rathdrum; Three suspects arrested

She was then taken to a shed out near Rathdrum, ID, where she was forced from the trunk, beaten, and yelled at. Her hands were duct-taped behind her back, her feet were duct-taped together, and her head was fully wrapped in duct-tape, leaving just enough room to breathe.

She told officers the three people were screaming at her to tell them where she took Anderson's stuff. The victim said the three people threatened to light her on fire and told her if she tried to escape she'd drown because they were totally surrounded by water.

The victim then gave the three false information about where Anderson's stuff was and they took off, leaving the victim bound in the shed, and reminding her that if she tried to escape she'd drown because they were surrounded by water.

In her own words, here's how the victim describes her escape:

"I got up, felt around with my feet to see how big the perimeter was. So I could see if there was any water around me. There was no water around me. I broke the tape on my feet first. I figured they were lying to me. But I didn't know how long they would be gone, so I knew I had to hurry. And I felt the wall and I tried to get the tape off but I couldn't. and I know they're going to be back soon, so I'm like once they come back they're gonna kill me. I start hitting my head against the wall and it like got loose. So I just kept touching it with my feet. And I felt leaves and grass. I had no idea where I was going. first I was crawling to make sure I wasn't going to fall in the water. Then I was listening to the sounds of the road. I ran into stuff I couldn't get through, like sticks and wood. I just crawled and forced my body through. And I found the road."

The victim was found, by Justin Nagel, in the middle of Highway 53 near Greensferry Road. She was in 30 degree weather wearing only sweat pants, bra, and no shoes. Her hands were still duct-taped behind her back, and her head was still wrapped in duct-tape, preventing her from seeing anything.

Rathdrum man rescues kidnapped woman

After describing the situation, police were quickly able to find and arrest Anderson, Frisby, and Johnson.

When asked by police why the victim would have been targeted she reluctantly told them the reason. She said she stole guns and drugs from Anderson's car. She said the week of November 15th she was with Anderson getting high in his car. He left to go inside a home, but left her in the car with the keys so she would be able to stay warm. She said she was high, and started to think that cars nearby were actually police in unmarked vehicles. She got scared and drove off with Anderson's car. He started texting her to bring it back, but instead, she told police she ditched it. She did, however, take a black tool bag with meth, heroin and two guns in it. She had one of those guns on her when she was kidnapped.

All three suspects face first-degree kidnapping and aggravated battery charges.

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