POST FALLS - William Christopher Carlson, a Post Falls man, is now facing second-degree murder charges stemming from a shooting at his home last fall.

Carlson is accused of killing Tyler Liles following an argument at Carlson’s home.

Last October, Carlson’s attorney argued that his client would use a “Stand Your Ground” Law as defense.

It would be the first case in Kootenai County, prosecutors confirmed, that a defense team used this new law as a defense for homicide.

The law states that homicide is justifiable when committed in the defense of habitation, including property.

A law that former Idaho Governor Butch Otter didn’t sign because he claimed the law was flawed.

But lawmakers say all they did was update the current self-defense statute that was already in place.

“The Idaho code has been updated to reflect that case law over the years to make sure that people have the ability to defend themselves without facing murder charges,” Luke Malek said.

Attorney Luke Malek is a former state representative in the Idaho legislature.

From a legal standpoint, Malek says that what comes in as a police report continues to be investigated by law enforcement, therefore giving prosecutors ground to file upgraded charges.

“This was not any sort of self-defense situation, this person acted in a way that they shouldn't have, according to the evidence that they have,” Malek said.

Speaking in general terms, Kootenai County Prosecutor Barry McHugh echoed what Malek said.

In a statement, McHugh said “Over time, more information can be developed through additional investigative work by law enforcement, or through discussions with witnesses.”

A request for comment from Carlson’s attorney was not returned.

Carlson’s next court hearing is scheduled for late March.

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