After 10 years, Spokane Border Patrol station reopening

The U.S. Border Patrol announced Tuesday they would be reopening their station in Spokane. The original Spokane station was closed 10 years ago due to agent attrition.

Officials say the station will be on the same property as the Spokane Sector Border Patrol Headquarters, located at 10710 N. Newport Hwy. The Spokane Sector patrols about 308 miles of border with Canada. That's an area from the Cascade Mountains to Glacier National Park in Montana.

“We have seen a need for this station for some time now,” Chief Patrol Agent Henry Rolon said in a release Tuesday.  “Currently, I have to take Border Patrol Agents and assets away from other stations along the border to complete the local mission in Spokane.  The Spokane Station will eliminate the need to deplete the number of agents patrolling the border and help in our continued efforts to support local, state, and federal law enforcement partners in the area.”

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