"Almost 300,000 acres in Washington have burned"; Commissioner of Public Lands releases statement

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz has released a statement after dozens of fire spark across Washington on Monday. 

"Today has been heartbreaking and surreal. I've had several sobering conversations with my team and our partners about the intensity of today's wildfires. Today alone, almost 300,000 acres in Washington have burned. Thousands of homes are without power. Many families have had to evacuate their homes and many homes have been lost. We're still seeing new fire starts in every corner of the state. My heart is with all of these families through this tragedy. We're doing everything we can to get these fires contained. Through this chaos, I want to thank our firefighters, crews, and partners for their tireless work. I cannot imagine the horror we'd be experiencing if you weren't on the frontlines. Thank you for all you're doing for our communities.

My plea to the public continues. This is far from over. We're expecting east winds over the next two days and extreme fire danger over much of the state. Red Flag Warnings are in effect for most of Washington. While many fires are still under investigation, 90 percent of Washington's wildfires are human-caused. That means they could have been prevented. Please, do everything you can to prevent new fires from starting. Avoid all activities that could cause sparks. Our firefighters need us to do our part."