States ranked from best to worst

A new survey released by YouGov asked Americans to rank the states from best to worst based simply on preference. The theory behind this survey was to go beyond the usual measurement systems-- like economics, infrastructure, cost of living, etc.,-- and simply ask Americans to rank the states of preference from best to worst. 

Most of the results are relatively unsurprising, with many of the top 20 states being tourist destinations like California, New York and Florida. Hawaii comes in first place as the "best state" in the survey with Alabama and Washington D.C. coming in the last few spots. 

Washington ranked 15th in the survey with Idaho taking the 40th spot. 

The methodology for gathering this data is listed below: 

Methodology: 1,211 US adults were asked to choose the better of two states from a list of the 50 US states and Washington, D.C. in a series of head to head match-ups. The poll's introductory text stated, "On each of the next few pages, you will see the names of two states in the US. On each page, we would like you to select the state that you think is the better state. You will see 7 different match-ups between states.” On each page, they saw two states with the prompt: “Which of the following states is better?” Each respondent saw seven match-ups, and no respondent saw a state twice. Data was weighted to be nationally representative of all US Adults, 18+. The survey was conducted between March 12 - 15, 2021.