Anna's Homes open for families battling cancer

Anna's homes are two unique individual family townhomes located up on Spokane's south hill. They're designed for immune-compromised children who are receiving cancer treatment at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane. The townhomes are for families who have traveled from out of town.

Joe and Polly Schindler founded the foundation after their daughter Anna passed away "In 2010 our daughter Anna was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer hepatoblastoma, and from that experience, we learned what it's like for a family to go through cancer treatment," said Polly Schindler Founder of Anna's Homes.

Anna went through treatment for five months before she passed away. But while their daughter Anna was receiving treatment, Joe and Polly met a lot of other families on the oncology floor at Sacred Heart. They had to find somewhere to stay and from that experience that's where an idea came to mind "We had this idea that maybe someday we would have oncology housing for families, so that is where Anna's homes came from," said Polly.

Families sometimes travel hours juggling jobs and other family members so that their children can get the treatment they need "When a child is diagnosed, and they live away from the hospital let's say two hours, they have to take their life on the road. So this is just one of the needs we are meeting is the lodging. This will be a haven for them a home away from home," added Polly.

From the bedrooms to the living area. Everything in the home is handicap accessible with themes that would make any child smile "Basically it's a haven. It's not just a hotel room or a place to stay. It's a place where they can hunker down watch movies, love on family and be together away from the hospital," described Polly.

But it wasn't always smooth sailing while trying to build the homes. As thefts from the construction site didn't just happen once leaving them in short supplies they are now finally open for families "The idea behind these homes was to provide a place where the whole family could come and support that child through their treatment and help them to get better, "added Joe Schindler.

For More information about the Anna Schindler Foundation click here.