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BOISE, ID - A proposed bill in Idaho that would close loopholes to the age of sexual consent was introduced to the Idaho House of Representatives Tuesday, Feb. 5. 

The bill, sponsored by Representative Melissa Wintrow, would align marriage laws and existing statutory rape laws.

“This issue was first brought to my attention while I was working on the Human Trafficking Subcommittee through the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission.” Rep. Wintrow explained. “Our statutory rape laws are necessary to protect Idaho’s children from exploitation. This bill would ensure those statutory rape laws take care of our children in every instance.”

The bill sets the minimum age of marriage to 16 years old, requires minors to get written consent of a parent or guardian, permission from the court and be self sufficient to enter a marriage contract. 

“This law would simply allow an extra set of eyes on marriage cases,” Wintrow said. “It gives us another way to make sure we are making the best decisions when it comes to Idaho’s children. My primary goal with this legislation is to help defend children who are in harm’s way.”

As of Tuesday, the bill now has a number and the next step is to have a full hearing before the committee. 


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