Woman sues T-Mobile store employee who stole sex video from her phone

Do you know everything your teen is doing online? If you’re like 85 percent of American parents, the answer is no.

But there are apps that parents can use to monitor the kid’s online activity.

Teen Safe is one app that’s designed to let parents monitor their kids’ phones. It downloads information from the phone so you, as a parent, can see what they’re doing.

You can see their text messages, but also messages sent on apps like Whatsapp and even on Twitter. You can see what sites they’re visiting online, and also where they’re going based on GPS location.

You will have to pay for that app’s services. For more information: https://www.teensafe.com/

There are other apps like Teen Safe:

  • Net Nanny: You can control your child’s internet activity with this app. You can also set it so your child tries to get on an inappropriate website or if someone potentially harmful contacts them. https://www.netnanny.com/
  • Secure Teen: It allows parents to block inappropriate content and monitor your child’s activity. https://www.secureteen.com/

There’s another way you can control usage of children’s mobile devices. Wireless companies have the options of family or parental controls where you can restrict usage at certain times.

Set up Parental Controls on your router to control when it’s on and off:  https://kb.netgear.com/29913/Setting-Parental-Control-filter-level-for-each-device-using-Desktop-genie

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