Arkansas teacher tells students to pelt 4-year-old with rocks as punishment

Police are investigating after a teacher at an Arkansas daycare center reportedly told children to throw rocks at another child to teach him a lesson. The horrifying incident was caught on camera.

According to police, it happened at the Teach N Tend Daycare in Forrest City, Arkansas. A teacher at the daycare went to police last month to file a report. 

In the report the woman says she and other workers were outside when she noticed another teacher tell a child to sit down. The 4-year-old boy had allegedly picked up some rock and threw them on the ground.

The complaint says the other teacher then told students to throw rocks at the boy to teach him a lesson. The kids listened and the video shows a group of kids pelting the child with rocks.

The video was sent to police. A police report notes a background voice saying, "He'll learn to stop, ok that's enough."

KHBQ-TV reports that the teacher in question spoke to police and said she didn't recall letting someone throw rocks at another child.

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