Spokane County plow driver claims resident threatened him with a gun due to berm in his driveway

SPOKANE - A Spokane County plow driver says he got quite the scare Wednesday morning when a armed north Spokane resident threatened him while plowing the street.

According to our partners at The Spokesman Review, District 1 supervisor Bryan Dowd, received a call from a plow driver working in the Camelot neighborhood in north Spokane who claimed a resident with a gun threatened him.

The plow driver says the resident was upset with the driver after a berm was created in his driveway.

According to the driver the resident climbed onto the grader, screamed obscenities and attempted to rip open its door.

The driver then noticed the resident had a gun and called 911.

Two Spokane County Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene, but the resident didn't face any charges because he didn't pull the gun from its holster.