Arrests have been made in the arson spree that occurred in the early morning hours of July 13th. A joint investigation involving Spokane Valley Fire Department Fire Investigators and Spokane Valley Police detectives have led to the arrests of 4 Juvenile males.

A car matching the description of a vehicle spotted in surveillance cameras was stopped by a Spokane Valley police officer. The car's occupant was questioned by the officer and information was obtained that led to the arrest of the driver of the car and 3 others.

The 4 juveniles (3-17 year olds and a 16 year old) were charged with Second Degree Arson in the fire that occurred at the Barney's supermarket 11205 E. Dishman-Mica Rd in the Spokane Valley. That fire was started behind the store and burned through a wall and caused smoke damage to the interior of the building. The store managers had to destroy some of the food items in the store that were exposed to the smoke.  This fire was one of 6 fires that occurred from 4AM to 6AM on the morning of the 13th. The juveniles also have pending charges for the rest of the fires in this case.

The investigation continues and other arrests and charges are possible in other fires that have occurred in recent days in the southern portion of the Spokane Valley.

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