Pullman Arson Suspect Enters Guilty Plea

The man who admitted to setting a fire that destroyed an apartment complex under construction in Pullman in 2013 was sentenced on Tuesday. 

Bryan Lee Kitchen was sentenced to 52 months in prison with three years probation for the arsons. Kitchen also owes $4 million in restitution, just for The Grove Apartments. Kitchen entered a guilty plea on the charges earlier this year under pleas deal where both parties recommended a sentence of 52 months in prison. On Tuesday, that's exactly the amount of time a Federal Judge sentenced Kitchen to serve.

In July 2013, The Grove Apartments in Pullman went up in flames, causing $13 million dollars worth of damage. The apartment complex was under construction, but was due to open in August of 2013 and had students already to move-in. A subsequent investigation into the fire determined that it was arson.

Court documents show that exactly one hour before the fire was reported, a Pullman Police Officer saw a red 2003 Saturn parked across the street from the apartment complex unoccupied. The officer ran a registration check on the car and learned it belonged to Kitchen. One hour later at 3:16am, the fire was reported.

Police contacted Kitchen as his apartment eight days after the fire. In an interview with detectives, Kitchen, who was working as a plumber on the construction site, admitted to setting the fire using a Bic lighter and some construction materials. Kitchen also told detectives he added fuel materials from the construction site to make the fire bigger.

Kitchen's sentence also included restitution for smaller amounts for other various arsons in Pullman around the same time as the Grove Apartment buildings. 

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