Atlanta gym institutes 'no cops or active duty military' policy

Police officers and active military are not welcome at an Atlanta gym. 

A sign was posted on the front door of EAV Barbell Club alerting people to the "No Police" policy. 

Owner Jim Chambers took it down, citing complaints over the vulgarity, but not the message. 

"American police is just an entity that, they serve capitalism and they serve white supremacy and that's the way we see that," Chambers said. "We felt that it was important to create zones, like businesses, official, operating establishing business, homes, recreation centers where cops are explicitly not welcome." 

Chambers says groups who workout here are generally minorities who are uncomfortable with the presence of law enforcement agents, adding he's had an explicitly stated 'no cop' policy since opening, which also applies to active members of the military.

The police department states the policy won't stop officers from doing their jobs. 


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