SPOKANE, Wash. - An attempted package theft on the South Hill ended with one man under arrest for assault.

On Wednesday, a South Hill resident saw what he thought was a suspicious person in the area of 2800 E 18th Avenue. He watched the suspect, later identified as 26-year-old Jeramy Allen, walk up to a neighbor's porch and bend over like he was picking up one of the packages on the porch.

According to the Spokane Police Department, the witness tried to talk Allen into staying at the location until police arrived. Allen didn't comply and a struggle ensued.

A 911 call was made, during which, the operator heard the caller telling someone to drop a knife.

Allen broke free from the witness and opened the blade of a folding knife, while still close to the witness. Police say the witness drew a concealed pistol to defend himself and telling Allen again to drop the knife.

Police say Allen dropped the knife in a snowbank and walked away, but didn't get far before officers detained him. Allen wasn't compliant with officers and displayed behavior that indicated he intended to flee.

Officers found the folding knife in the snow where the caller reported the confrontation and shoe prints in the area matched Allen's shoes.

Allen was booked into the Spokane County Jail for 2nd-degree assault and 3rd-degree attempted theft. 

Police added that there are many shipping options available to consumers including using a package holding center or special delivery options, which will help to deter package thefts.

Another deterrent, police say, is knowing your neighbors and calling when something or someone is suspicious. 

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